July 2004

Quick Tip: The "Rule of Three" (Plus Another Power Secret)

Use the “rule of three” when making lists within you direct-response package.

Secrets of a Master: How to Overcome Price Resistance when Selling High-Priced Information Products

Bob Bly gives six ways to make an expensive product sound like a steal.

How to Get More Repeat Business from Your Clients

Krista Jones shows how to get more projects from your existing clients.

Seven Deadly Website Mistakes

How to avoid common mistakes that will kill a website's profitability.

How to Get the Most out of Your Word Processor: An Efficient System for Naming Your Files

Create an efficient and useful system for naming files.

Success Story: AWAI Graphic-Design Member Dennis Rome

An interview with graphic designer Dennis Rome reveals success secrets that any freelancer can use.

5 Quick Tips for Writing Powerful Catalog Cop

Tips and techniques to improve your catalog copy.

Ask the Masters: "Should I Specialize?"

Bob Bly gives his insights on the advantages of specializing.