September 2004

Taming Your Computer's Grammar-Checker

Learn the pros and cons of using a grammar-checker.

Resume Rules Have Changed

Ten tips to make your resume stronger.

Make It Simple … Make It Active …

Will Newman teaches you how to punch up your writing by using the active voice.

Quick Tip: Let Your Spellchecker Help - Not Control - Your Writing

Quick tips for making good use of your spellchecker.

It's Good to Know: About Effective Communication

See how your emotions during communication affect your productivity.

How Robert Collier Turned Six Words Into a Copywriting Goldmine

Learn how Robert Collier used six words to dramatically boost sales.

It's Good to Know: About the Romance Market

Krista Jones reveals the lucrative nature of romance writing.

Romancing the Word: The Life of a Romance Writer, an Interview With Marcia King-Gamble

Krista Jones interviews Marcia King-Gamble regarding her romance writing career.