December 2012

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Even Santa Needs a Little Help...

John Wood talks about an AWAI member's website that only gets heavy traffic two months of the year. But that's enough to accomplish his primary goal for building it …

When Life Gets in the Way, Do This...

Today, John Wood shares a great example of how you can still participate in one of your life’s passions, even if it’s not your career.

Marketing Basics: Shameless Self-Promotion and Attracting Clients

Self-promotion can be a hard task for many freelance copywriters. Jim Wright has a kinder and gentler way of getting the word out about your services.

From Client to Raving Lunatic

Brian Whitaker talks client relationships and what to do when facing unreasonable client demands.

Money Writing About Water?

John Wood reports on Nancy Hearn, an AWAI member who has used the Money-Making Websites program to not only make a nice passive income, but also learn about web writing and further a cause she believes in.

How Many Baskets Do You Have?

John Wood is here to talk about Sarah Clachar, an AWAI-trained copywriter that created a website, and has been finding more and more bonuses as a result.

When “You” Should Be “I”

Will Newman explains how stories in copy can be made more powerful by being made more personal.

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