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11 Tips for Achieving the Right Balance Between Your Freelance Writing Business and Your Family Life

Cindy Cyr shares the importance of achieving balance between work and family and gives 11 tips for finding the right balance.

Freelancing vs. Parenting: Which is Easier?

Cindy Cyr shares how working from home can be a challenge - and gives tips on how to find the right balance between family and work.

What Really Matters When Selling Your Services

Cindy Cyr shares how making your potential client feel special is one way to ensure you'll close the sale - and keep the client.

Boost Your Income by Asking the Right Questions

Cindy Cyr shares how landing the client can come down to the questions you ask – and gives tips on how to ask the right ones.

Don't Give Up Too Soon

Cindy Cyr shares how sometimes it pays to be persistent - and gives tips on how to follow up with potential clients.

An Important Step When Searching for Clients

Cindy Cyr shares how learning what works best for you is the key to prospecting that works.

Are You in the Right Mindset to Succeed?

Cindy Cyr shares the two types of mindset - and how the one you have can either help or hurt your freelance career.

Are You Marketing Yourself Effectively?

Cindy Cyr shares several strategies that will help you feel more confident when selling yourself and improve your chances of landing clients.

Is Your Present Mindset Keeping You From Reaching Your Full Potential?

Cindy Cyr shares how a proper mindset can make all the difference in whether you achieve your goals or not – and gives tips on how to get into a proper mindset.

Don’t Run From Rejection. Embrace It.

Cindy Cyr wraps up the week by sharing how rejection isn't the end of the road, and motivates freelancers to continue on their copywriting journey.

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You...

Cindy Cyr shows you what you need to do to gain more confidence in your writing ability and how to use that confidence to boost your copywriting career.

How to Build Confidence in Yourself (and Your Writing Ability) – Even if You’re a Complete Newbie

Cindy Cyr shares several tips and tricks you can use to help build confidence in yourself and your abilities – even if you’re new to the freelance world.

How to Eliminate That Overwhelmed Feeling

Cindy Cyr discusses how to move your copywriting business in the right direction by following the principle of the 'Power of One'.

A Frequently Untapped Source of Clients

Cindy Cyr shares how tapping into your existing network is one sure way to get new clients.

How To Get All the Clients You Need from People You Already Know

Cindy Cyr shares how tapping into the network of people you already know is one sure way to get all the clients you need.

A List That Will Move You Towards Your Dreams

Cindy Cyr shares the moment she knew that she needed to take control of her life and career path and how she made it happen.

Attract Clients Like Magic When You Overcome This Stumbling Block

Getting clients is the #1 concern most writers have about getting started. Cindy Cyr reveals what you can do before you even start looking for clients to better your chances of attracting new clients.

The Only Sure Way to Make Real Progress This Year

Setting goals is the only sure way to make real progress this year, and Cindy Cyr shares how to set them and stick with them.

7 Subject Line Formulas Guaranteed to Boost Your Email Open Rates

Cindy Cyr gives you seven formulas you can use to boost your email open rates, to make sure your emails get read.

Skyrocket Your Web-Writing Career Using This One Simple Idea That Landed Me Zig Ziglar

Wealthy Web Writer member Cindy Cyr shares one simple change she made to her business that turned on a flow of steady high-paying clients.

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