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Copywriter's Checklist for Submitting Copy

Look like a professional from day one when you use this handy checklist for submitting copy to clients. You’ll produce copy that’s ready for publication.

Imagine Finding B2B Clients in Your Everyday Life…

B2B copywriting doesn’t have to be technical, boring, or scary. In this $6.5-trillion market, you can find good clients in unexpected places...

Tips for a New Copywriter (8 Lessons for a Second-Generation Copywriter from His Mom, the Pro)

Copywriting pro reveals 8 lessons she wishes she’d received when she was beginning her career. You can avoid common mistakes and move forward faster.

Second-Generation Copywriters: How I'm Helping My Son Start His Copywriting Journey

If your kids want to try freelance copywriting for a living, here’s how to help them avoid common beginner mistakes so they can succeed faster.

Copywriter's Checklist for Submitting Copy

Look like a professional from day one when you follow this handy checklist for submitting your copy to clients. Impress your clients from the start.

3 Things I Wish I'd Known When I Started My Copywriting Business

Kathryn Aragon shares the advice she wishes she had known when building her copywriting business… 3 pieces of knowledge that can save you so much time.

B2B Copywriting Boring? Think Again...

B2B copywriting doesn’t have to be boring or technical. In this $6.5-trillion market, there are clients in unexpected places. Here’s how to spot them.

Building Trust and Getting Hired

Kathryn Aragon tells you how to nurture relationships with your clients to help create long-term revenue.

Get Your First Long-Term Client Today

Creating content gives your freelance business professionalism through expertise. Kathryn Aragon gives tips and advice to create content that will bring in the clients.

30 Content Ideas You Can Create in One Week or Less

Step up your game! Kathryn Aragon has 30 different ideas to get you writing great materials that will market your copywriting business and project professionalism to attract clients.

Position Yourself as a Pro

Kathryn Aragon helps you write the perfect sales letter to pitch your freelance business.

“Hook” Your Ideal Clients

Kathryn Aragon explains the usefulness of prospecting clients using a "bait piece" to show them what you can do and how you can improve their marketing strategy.

How to Write a Bait Piece That Attracts Your Ideal Clients

Getting clients is more than just telling them you're a good copywriter. It's showing them as well, and Kathryn Aragon has a great way to show your potential clients what you can do for them.

Look Like a Pro from Day One

Kathryn Aragon shows you how to start being a professional copywriter, with a presence that will demand higher paying clients.