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Get Paid $1,500 to Write a 2-Page Story

Get started as a copywriter by going where the big demand is. Businesses need this writing project today. It’s fun and quick to do — and it pays well.

B2B Copywriting Clients: Hiding in Plain Sight

You can find great opportunities for writing projects and higher fees when you look in this unexpected location. Follow these strategies to find clients.

3 Things Every Copywriter Needs to be Successful

One key ingredient can make the difference to your success. Here are three reasons why, when you have it, you’ll achieve success even faster.

3 Ways Freelancers Can Pay Less Income Tax

*: Taking advantage of legitimate tax planning strategies is a sound idea for your business. These three options can help maximize your after-tax income.

This Writing Niche Will Welcome You with Open Arms

B2B clients can be the easiest to get for 3 reasons. Charlotte Hicks outlines them… and why even brand-new copywriters are highly valued by B2B marketers.

An All-Important Step in Your Copywriting Career

When you’re building your copywriting career, having someone provide guidance is a huge advantage. You’ll accomplish more than you ever dreamed possible.

How Changing Your Story Leads to Copywriting Success

The stories you tell yourself may be holding you back from success. People like you have changed their own stories and are enjoying writing success.

3 Ways a Mastermind Group Can Boost Your Success

A mastermind group is a unique incubator for freelance business success. Here are three ways the group can help you reach your goals.

The Power of Combined Experience

To grow your copywriting business faster, there are three types of people you’ll need in your circle. Learn the roles and how they can help you succeed.

Using the Power of a Like-Minded Community in Your Copywriting Journey to Success

If you need a community of support in your quest for the writer’s life, we’ve got the answer. You don’t have to go it alone.

B2B Copywriting: Where It All Begins

Business-to-Business marketing plays an important role in your activities, even when you don’t realize it. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how it works.

You’re Just One Client Away

Living the writer’s life could be much closer than you think. Just one client could change your copy career.

How a Simple Fax Led to the Info-Marketing Guru

When talk turns to learning successful direct marketing, one name always pops… Dan Kennedy. Here’s one copywriter’s story of how he changed her life.

Where to Find an Avalanche of Hidden (Plus Lucrative) Writing Projects

Why would copywriters consider taking short B2B projects paying less than long-form sales letters? Because one B2B project often means many lucrative ones.

Trust the Process

The key to achieving your goals is focusing on the process instead of the end result. Do you trust the process?

Information Marketing: Copywriters Needed!

In the information marketing niche, there’s a huge opportunity for copywriters. These clients need a high volume of work and they pay well, too.

Play Your Way to Success

You don’t have to spend all of your time working in order to achieve your goals. Find out why down time is critical to achieving the success you want.

Conquering Goal Buster #3: The Dabbler

Is every action you take moving you toward your one big goal, or are you chasing many ideas at a time? Here’s how to leverage your actions and find success.

Conquering Goal Buster #2: Lack of Intent

A good goal is one you’re willing to work toward no matter what obstacles you face. What’s your level of intent to accomplish your goals?

Conquering Goal Buster #1: Incongruent Goals

If you set goals that aren’t in line with your deepest desires, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Here’s how to tell if your goals are good ones.

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