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Working with a Legendary Copy Chief

When you’re starting out as a copywriter, one person can make a big difference in how quickly you catch on. When the student is ready, a teacher appears...

From Part-Time to Five-Figure Copywriter in Two Years

Retainer success came to COS member Sherri Caldwell before she expected. But when it happened, she grabbed it. Here’s the latest chapter in her story.

Amazingly Simple Two-Step Plan for Extraordinary Success in 2017...

AWAI member Sherri Caldwell landed projects using a proven Roadmap from Joshua Boswell. You could do the same. Why not make 2017 your best year yet?

How a Rebel Housewife’s Midlife Crisis Brought Her Closer to The Writer's Life

"Adversity is opportunity dressed in beggars clothing." COS member Sherri Caldwell tells how she pushed past adversity to move toward the writer’s life.