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The Government “Perk” That Can Hand Copywriters (Like You) a $2.52 Million Windfall

There’s a wealth-generating tool ideal for freelance writers, yet many don’t take advantage of it. Here’s how you can make more money in the long run.

How to Make Every Sales Letter a Blockbuster

Of every tool and technique copywriters use to write copy, implementing the Big Idea effectively can have the strongest impact on package performance.

Let Me Buy You a Drink (or Two)…

Paul Hollingshead reminisces about AWAI’s very first Fasttrack to Copywriting Success Bootacmp, and offers to sit down and buy you a drink at the upcoming 2011 event.

A Very Special Invitation, from One Writer to Another...

Paul Hollingshead shares a special invitation that can give you immediate credibility as a working professional writer and have a profound impact on your writing career.

The Best (and Perhaps Only) Way To Secure Your Future in Uncertain Times

Paul Hollingshead shares with you the path to the writer’s life, and how you can get started down it, without taking any risks at all.

Is Dan Kennedy the Real Deal … or Just Damn Good at Marketing Himself?

Paul Hollingshead went from Dan Kennedy “skeptic” to Dan Kennedy “admirer”…and the marketing tips he learned from Dan that made him change his mind.

My Income Fell Dramatically Last Year … Here’s Why … Who’s Fault It Was … And How My Little “Fix” Can Make You Quite a Bit Wealthier

Paul Hollingshead shows you how you can avoid a costly mistake and set your copywriting career on the right track to success.

Do You Expect Me To Believe That?

Paul Hollingshead explains how the “Power of Three” can help you add credibility to your copy and prove any point you want to make.

The #1 Secret to Living a Good, Happy and Wealth-Filled Life in These Difficult Times

Learn what you can do to take control of your own future, and take back your good life, no matter what happens with the economy.

“So How’s This Crappy Economy Impacting Copywriters? Glad You Asked …”

These are scary times for anyone whose job depends on a strong and vibrant economy. But copywriters need not worry. Master copywriter Paul Hollingshead explains why the demand for copy in this amazing business never seems to subside.

Words of Copywriting Wisdom … An Easy Way to Make Your Copy More Inviting

Master copywriter Paul Hollingshead reveals how creative use of punctuation can make your copy less intimidating to read while injecting a more conversational tone.

Are You Breaking the Cardinal Rule of Copywriting?

Master copywriter Paul Hollingshead explains the importance of focusing on the product’s benefits in your sales copy, rather than describing the product itself.

The 3 Most Important Parts of Any Promotion’s Success

Paul Hollingshead shares three secrets to writing a successful direct response package.

How to Keep Your Prospect in the “What’s Next” Frame of Mind

Paul Hollingshead shows you how to engage your reader and keep him engaged.

Finding a Winning Tone for Your Copy, Part 4

Paul Hollingshead shares five secrets to writing copy in the best tone for each project.

Finding a Winning Tone for Your Copy, Part 3

Paul Hollingshead on how punctuation and the flow of copy affect the tone of your copy.

2 More Tips on Finding a Winning Tone

Paul Hollingshead reveals valuable strategies for finding the best tone for your next direct marketing package.

My 2 Top Rules for Discovering the "Winning Tone"

Paul Hollingshead reveals valuable strategies for finding the best tone for your next direct marketing package.

Marketing Managers and Royalties: How to Market Yourself

Paul Hollingshead shares a great way for new copywriters to market themselves.

Secrets of a Master: 3 Ways to Give Your Letter the Proper “Voice”

Paul Hollingshead reveals three ways to capture the best voice for your promotion.

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