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How to Find a Copywriting Mentor

Krista Jones was able to quit her job and become a freelance copywriter by getting herself a mentor. Learn how you too can benefit from a mentor.

The Most Important Copywriting Habit of All

Cassandra Lee describes how a daily writing routine contributes to her copywriting success.

Get It Done Already! How to Write Your Very First Sales Letter

Penny Thomas used the sales letter assignment from AWAI’s Accelerated Six-Figure Copywriting program as a sample of her work, and landed her first paid assignment.

How to Write an Exciting Interview

AWAI Staff Writer, Guillermo Rubio, meets up with Michael Masterson in the neighborhood cigar bar and discovers exactly how to write a great interview.

Copywriting's Biggest Challenge

When readers start knowing where the copy is going … they tend to dismiss it - tune it out …

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