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Quick Tip: Need to Merge Multiple Files Into One Document? Here’s the Answer …

Kristin Schwarz shows you how to merge files of different types into a single document.

A New USP for Your Success: How to Become a “Green Designer"

Kristin Schwarz shows how paying attention to trends like the green movement can boost your success as a graphic designer.

Quick Tip: Where to Find Just the Right Font for Your Project

Kammy Thurman gives advice on choosing fonts.

Easy Design Strategies That Lead Your Reader to the Sale

Kammy Thurman shares design strategies that improve readability and boost sales.

Quick Tip: Easy Bullets in QuarkXPress

Kammy Thurman gives you a quick, easy way to make bullets in QuarkXPress.

Rejuvenating the “Old Reliable” of Direct Mail

Kammy Thurman shares how to make the most of a #10 letter design.

Quick Tip: How to Format Titles

Kammy Thurman gives guidelines on proper title formatting.

Finding Work in Unexpected Places

Mike Klassen gives advice on finding freelance work.

Quick Tip: How Vector Magic Can Sharpen Your Image

Kristin Schwarz shows you an easy way to fix blocky images.

Why Knowing Copywriting Basics Will Make You a More Successful Designer: An Interview With Donna Doyle

Will Newman interviews copywriter Donna Doyle on how knowing copywriting can make you a better designer.

Happy Birthday Helvetica!

The ever-popular typeface Helvetica just turned 50!

Quick Tip: Free Resources for QuarkXPress

Kristin Schwarz reveals some useful free resources for QuarkXPress.

Creative Ideas for Fundraising Freemiums

Kammy Thurman shares how learning to design and produce freemiums can help you become established in the non-profit industry.

Quick Tip: Speaking a Common Lingo With Copywriters

Will Newman shares some of the common lingo used by copywriters.

7 Strategies to Boost Readability in Any Design

Kammy Thurman reveals seven ways to improve the readability of your designs.

“It’s All About the Sale. It’s All About Readability”

Lori Haller shares how readability can boost your direct response package's performance.

Quick Tip: Creative Ways to Use Borders

Kammy Thurman reveals some ways to use borders to increase the impact of your designs.

The “Goldilocks Formula” for Just-Right Design

Kammy Thurman shows how all your design elements come together to create just the right effect.

Quick Tip: A Smooth Transition to QuarkXPress

Kristin Schwarz shows you how to port files into QuarkXPress from other design programs.

Getting Paid What You’re Worth … First Time … Every Time

Mike Klassen shares advice on how to get paid the rate you want.

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