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If You Want a Reliable Income as a Writer, Go Where the Growth is

What can a notorious bank robber teach you about achieving the writer's life? More than you may imagine. Social media expert Nick Usborne explains.

Grow Your Copywriting Business With Social Sharing

Making connections is key to building a copywriting business. You need to get the word out. These social sharing methods to get the word out effectively.

Avoid This Common Social Media Mistake

Don’t make a social media mistake that can damage your business. Here’s how to make sure your social media posts enhance your business instead.

How LinkedIn Helps with Thought Leadership

Find out how one B2B company has used LinkedIn to provide thought leadership, develop a brand, and attract future customers.

How Being a Social Media Expert Can Build Your Web-Writing Income

Becoming a Social Media Expert is one of the fastest ways to land retainer agreements. But social media can build your income in other ways, too.

Social Media Writing Lets You Rapidly Build Your Monthly Income

Social media writing is hands down the fastest and easiest way to get your first few clients and build a solid freelance business, not to mention rapidly build monthly income.

How to Expand Your Client Base Beyond Social Media Writing

Social media writing is just one way to make a living as a writer. You can expand beyond social media writing and still get paid handsomely for your services.

A Simple Way to Manage Multiple Clients

With more then one client paying you monthly retainer fees, here’s a simple way to manage every one of them

The Best Way to Land Your First Paying Social Media Client

A four-step plan that allows freelancers who are in the early stages of their careers to land lucrative retainer deals that bring in monthly income.

The Perfect Way to Get Lucrative Retainer Deals With Clients

Nick Usborne reveals how any writer, regardless of experience, can land a lucrative retainer deal in 30 days or less.

5 Ways to Use Social Media to Research Your Audience

Social media research can give you insights into your target audience about their pain points, their desires, and their language. Learn five strategies.

5 Reasons to Get Started As a Social Media Writer Right Now

Working in social media is a great way to achieve fast success, build solid relationships with your clients, and boost your level of self-confidence.

How to Leverage Your Work As a Social Media Writer to Get More Copywriting Work

Social media writing is the easiest way to start working for any client. And then, you can leverage your relationship to get other work, too.

How to Put Together a Winning Proposal and Snag Your First Social Media Writing Client

Discover the three main points to include in your proposal, when approaching a new social media writing client. This is all stuff they want to hear!

See How Easy It Is to Create a Social Media Campaign for a Local Business

Your own, personal experience with social media can be applied to any business. Use these fundamentals to bring your client’s social media channels to life.

How to Turn Your Own, Everyday Social Media Habits Into a Powerful New Source of Income

Compared to other online writing gigs, social media writing is incredibly easy. The skills you have now are the skills most companies lack the most.

Three Winning Strategies from the ‘Giants’ of Social Media

The San Francisco Giants aren’t just on top of baseball. They’re also on top of social media. Learn 3 proven strategies you can learn from their success.

How to Land Your First 3 Social Media Clients

For web writers, social media is a natural and lucrative add-on. Here’s how to get your first three clients and start building a powerful new revenue stream.

4 Ways YOU Can Profit From the Growth of Social Media

Millions of companies need outside help with their social media marketing. Here are four ways you can use your skills to get started as a social media expert.

6 Ways Companies Benefit From Strong Social Media Marketing

Nick Usborne reveals six ways smart companies are leveraging the power of social media. As a freelance writer, you can use social media to help every client.

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