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The Best Way to Pick Up Multiple Retainer Clients

If you want to guarantee your income as a copywriter, you'll want a retainer agreement. And these days, Social Media is a one way to do that. Social Media is also one of the 8 AWAI "Badges" you can become verified in. Find out more - and sign up today!

Finding Success in Copywriting Jobs Combining Wine and Social Media

Ange Payton is working on copywriting jobs in the wine industry and getting big results for her clients … and she’s loving it.

A Bangor Police Department Master Class in Social Media Copywriting

Our Director of Copywriting Training Pam Foster recently sat down with Lt. Tim Cotton. Tim works for the Bangor Maine Police Department AND writer of their very popular Facebook page. Catch the full interview here and find out how it became something even bigger than he expected.

Social Media Writing is the Gateway Gig to a Lot More Work with Every Client

Phenomenal growth… in an industry begging for trained copywriters… doing easy work. What’s not to love? Learn more about this fantastic opportunity.

Love Social Media? Check Out this Copywriting Job.

As a copywriter and social media user, you’re ideally suited for this copywriting job opportunity.

How Being a Social Media Expert Can Build Your Web-Writing Income

Social Media can supplement your freelance income by helping you get clients and promote yourself as a writer. Check out expert Nick Usborne's advice, and sign up today - and save!

The Social Media Copywriting Job

This AWAI Member has found her perfect copywriting job working on Facebook and other social sites.

Learn How to Be the Freelancer Who Gets the Gig

Today, businesses are evaluating freelancers based on this important qualification. Find out what it is in this 3-minute video by Web Expert Nick Usborne.

3 Major Social Media Dos and Don’ts

Social media is an invaluable tool for web writers to connect with prospects and land clients. These social media dos and don’ts are important to follow.

How to Connect with Influencers in Any Industry

When you connect with influencers in your industry, you’ll grow your reputation in the process. Here 5 effective ways to make positive connections.

Social Media Writing is the Gateway Gig to a Lot More Work with Every Client

Phenomenal growth… in an industry begging for trained copywriters… doing easy work. What’s not to love? Learn more about this fantastic opportunity.

Take on Fun and Easy Freelance Projects in the Growing World of Social Media Marketing

Social media is a valuable marketing tool used by businesses around the world. And companies need qualified writers like you to create effective campaigns.

How to Combine the Flexibility and Opportunity of the Freelance Life with the Security of Full-Time Work

A steady, reliable income… month after month. Not having to worry about paying your bills. Sound like something you’d like to learn more about?

If This “Dunce” in School Can Become a Master Social Media Copywriter, So Can You

Is social media copywriting just a flash in the pan? Not according to Master Web Copywriter Nick Usborne. He says right now, it's in its “sweet spot.”

3 Steps to Finding Influencers in Any Industry

If you want your content marketing efforts to resonate strongly with your target audience, then finding influencers should be high on your priority list.

4 Powerful Ways to Grow Your Freelance Business with Twitter — Right Now

Is Twitter just a “fun thing” to let people know about your last meal? Or is it a useful marketing tool? AWAI member Henry Bingaman gives the answer.

Last Chance: Lowest Price EVER for Social Media Program

Social media is a skill that every writer needs for that extra boost - in getting clients, landing projects, and building income...and today's the last day to get Nick Usborne's Social Media Marketing Expert Program on sale for the lowest price ever. Find out more information here!

Social Media Writers Smile More and Probably Live Longer!

Who are the happiest copywriters today? Would you like to join their ranks? Nick Usborne has the answers if you want this to be your writer’s life.

Social Media is the Perfect Gateway Gig for Picking Up More Work

Looking for more copywriting work? Here’s the best person to tell you the secret of the perfect gateway gig for getting more work… or your first job.

Questions to Ask Your Social Media Clients Before You Begin Work

Understanding your social media client goals and expectations will make every project go smoother and establish you as a true professional.

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