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88% of Companies are Clueless When it Comes to Social Media

Most companies know they’re not doing well on social media. This represents an opportunity for online writers and copywriters that is simply unprecedented.

19 Billion Reasons to Pay Attention to Social Media

Social media has become critical to doing business on the web. In fact, as web expert Nick Usborne explains, social media may soon pretty much BECOME the web.

Give Yourself a Competitive Advantage, with Social Media

Nick Usborne answers some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the social media opportunities.

Double Your Income by Adding a Social Media Tab to Your Site

Nick provides talks about why you should add a social media services tab on your site.

Grow Your B2B Writing Business With LinkedIn

LinkedIn is undergoing a shift from just another social media site to a true publishing platform. Discover why that’s great news for copywriters.

How You'll Make Money as a Social Media Writer

There are so many different social media opportunities you can take advantage of. Nick talks about some of the most popular opportunities.

3 Ways to Integrate Social Media with Content Marketing

Combining the right content with the right social media channels can boost sales. Here are 3 ways to connect social media efforts with content marketing.

Most Companies are Clueless About Social Media

Nick Usborne explains that most companies are using social media in an unstructured, ineffective way.

Social Media Is Growing Faster than You Think

Nick Usborne talks about how expansive the social media industry is.

A Retainer Deal You Should Consider

Rebecca Matter walks you through one of her favorite retainer deals: managing a company’s social media.

Avoid This Hidden Trap

Will Newman discusses the over 250 ways your prospect can be distracted, and how to get their attention back.

How To Gain Followers and Massive Exposure by Tweeting at Live Events

Tweeting at live events like this is part of Michele Peterson's self-promotion strategy as a web copywriter and online marketing consultant, increasing her authority, credibility, and reach.

Your Social Media Questions Answered

Many copywriters still have questions about social media and how they should add it to their portfolio of services. Nick Usborne answers just a few of the main ones…

How to Find Social Media Clients

Finding social media clients is the fun part! Introduce the idea to your existing copywriting clients and offer it as an add-on service or approach local businesses.

How to Price Your Social Media Projects

Learn how to price your social media projects based on the services you’re offering. Do you manage the day-to-day or are you consulting on strategy? Price accordingly.

Nobody Likes Boring Content

Successful social media campaigns are interesting and engaging! Nobody likes boring content… Copywriters have just the right skills to create shareable content!

Why Social Media is Huge for Copywriters

Social Media is a huge opportunity for copywriters right now and it’s the next big thing for marketers and small businesses. Get in, while the getting’s good!

5 Myths of Social Media

Jen Philips April explores the 5 most common (and damaging) myths about social media and uncover what the truth really is.

7 Steps to Becoming More Engaged With Your Clients Through Social Media

Kendy Sproul has seven steps to cultivating an engaging relationship with your social media communities.

A $34 Billion Market That's Crying for Good Copywriters

Will Newman talks about the ever-growing, ever-paying world of social media copywriting and how it's not too late to get in.

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