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Every Company You Work With Has Questions About Social Media

Whether you will offer it as a service to your clients or not, learning social media is a must. Nick Usborne explains how this knowledge will be invaluable in the future.

Three Ways You Can Start Landing Social Media Clients Right Away

Turning social media into a new revenue stream, Nick Usborne looks at three quick ways to get started.

Four Ways Freelancers Can Profit from the Growth in Social Media

Interested in the social media field, but unsure how someone could make money in it? Nick Usborne lays out four of the many ways you can earn a living writing for social media.

Is there Opportunity for a New Generation of Social Media Experts?

Worried about finding jobs in the social media field? Nick Usborne has concrete proof this is a non-issue.

Why I Would Be All Over Social Media Right Now...

Read why Nick Usborne would be all over social media, and why having expertise in this field is a skill that will pay off for years.

The Anatomy of a Winning Facebook Post

Jen Phillips April gives you some great tips for creating winning facebook posts.

3 Ways You Can Land a Client Using Social Media

Social media is one of the best and easiest ways to research potential clients. Jen Phillips April helps you learn to harness the client grabbing power of social media.

The Biggest Online Opportunity for Writers Since 1998

A new web writing world is opening up and Nick Usborne is uncovering the secrets of making it work for both your clients and your web writing career.

You’re Dead Wrong if You Think B2B Companies Aren’t Using Social Media

From office supplies to engines, B2B companies are demanding a strong social media presence. Nick Usborne explains the strange new phenomenon of B2B social media.

Pinterest: The Newest Project Collaboration Tool

Susanna Perkins explains how to use Pinterest as a collaboration tool.

I Can't Believe He Said That

With the rise of social media, Christina Gillick has some tips for keeping your online reputation sparkly clean.

Free Teleconference Social Media Opportunities for Freelancers

Nick Usborne will explain everything you need to know about social media for freelancers in a free teleconference.

Create Your Own Insta-Marketing Strategy With Instagram

Mindy Tyson McHorse shares the value of adding Instagram to your social media repertoire.

How to Attract Prospects to Your Facebook Page

Creating a Facebook page is one thing, but Kendy Sproul has some great tips to actually get followers for your page.

How You Can Hunt, Fish, and Farm with Social Media

Jen Phillips April shows you how to use each strategic approach to social media, so you spend less time and get more ROI.

5 Steps to Successfully Promote Your Freelance Business Through Twitter

Kendy Sproul has some great tips to bring quality to your twitter account, and boost your freelance business in the process.

Crash Course on Social Media [5-Part Video Series]

Nick Usborne provides you with a crash course in social media, and explains how to add it to your web copywriting services.

Potential Social Media Clients (List Included)

Rebecca Matter tells us how to tackle the nerve-wracking idea of approaching and landing clients.

How to Land Your First Social Media Clients [video]

Over 50% of companies look outside for help with social media. This makes it a seller’s market for social media experts. In this final video we’ll look at 4 different strategies for approaching clients and securing work as a social media expert, or as a writer or copywriter with social media expertise.

Social Media: What's In It For Me?

Rebecca Matter wants you to know the benefits of expanding your social media expertise and how it can improve your freelance career.

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