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Multiple Opportunities for the Social Media Savvy Writer [video]

Social media has become a hugely disruptive force. It has changed the online behavior of hundreds of millions of people, worldwide. It has changed search. It has changed how we write site content. What does this add up to? It adds up to opportunity. Companies are now desperate for writers and experts who have a deep understanding of social media.

Huge "A-Ha" Moment Today

Rebecca Matter had a big “a-ha” moment that can have a major money-making impact in your freelance career.

How Social Media is Transforming Online Copy and Content [video]

In the last video we looked at how social media is impacting search. Now we are going to see how it is also a game-changer when it comes to web content. In fact, the rise in social media is changing the way we should approach every page of content we create for sites, and that includes sales pages.

How Social Media Impacts Your Copy

Rebecca Matter explains how social media plays a key role in the success of a marking campaign. If you’re not incorporating social media, you run the risk of leaving money on the table.

How Social Media Impacts Everything, Including SEO [video]

Social media isn’t something separate. It isn’t just about people spending time on Facebook. It is also impacting other key areas online, including search. In this video I show how Google not only entered social media with Google+, but has also used Google+ to totally change its core business, search.

Why Bother with Social Media?

Rebecca Matter explains that to provide the most value and have access to the most opportunities possible, you want to become less like a laborer and more like an architect.

Why You HAVE to Understand Social Media [video]

In this first video you’ll see how social media has become the primary driver of attention online. Put simply, you’ll see why anyone involved in marketing online, copywriters included, can no longer afford to ignore social media.

The Money Magic of Social Media: Your Best Opportunity to Make It Big Since the Birth of the Web

Nick Usborne reveals the unique opportunities in social media, and how entrepreneurs can step in and make their mark.

10 Tools That Will Make You a Better Social Media Marketer

Kellie Craft shares 10 social media tools that will help you effectively manage your social media accounts, so you can do more in less time.

Social Media Opportunities Explode on

AWAI’s job board has been flooded lately with social media jobs which screams big opportunity for social media experts.

6 Ways to Make Facebook an Idea Generator

Mindy Tyson McHorse shares how to avoid wasting time on Facebook and start benefiting from time spent with the social media giant.

Four Things You Must Know About Social Media

Rebecca Matter reveals four things you must know about social media, and how you can take advantage of the best deal ever offered on the popular program, How to Make Money as a Social Media Expert.

Free Teleconference on Social Media Freelance Opportunities

On January 19th Rebecca Matter is going to interview social media expert Nick Usborne about the explosive growth in social media and the opportunity it presents for freelancers.

“I Don’t Do Social Media.” Really? In that Case, You Don’t Do Marketing

Nick Usborne shares why using social media is a critical part of your marketing process.

You Can Be Their Hero

Christina Gillick shares why freelancers should get in on the social media action and how they can win clients over by doing so.

Why My Clients Have No Choice But to Hire Me

Christina Gillick shares how social media is constantly changing and how that can benefit your business when it comes to getting clients.

6 Things to Do When Clients Say They Don’t Need That “Social Media Stuff”

Christina Gillick shares how freelancers can overcome client excuses to help build the client's social media presence.

5 Ways to Make Web Content More Social Media Friendly

Nick Usborne shares his tips on how freelancers can make their web content more social media friendly.

I Bet Your Grandma Can Do It Too

Christina Gillick shares how social media isn't rocket science and how you can easily incorporate it into your freelance career.

The Sad Truth About "Experts"

Christina Gillick shares why social media experts might not know as much about building a business using social media as you do - and how to take advantage of it.

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