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AWAI Across America Destination — Verona, Wisconsin: Home of Steve Roller

Christine Butler is here to share the “getting started secrets” of Steve Roller, who has been a full-time copywriter for over three years.

Steve Roller: The “Rugged Individualist”

Steve Roller takes a time out to tell us what he's been up to recently, how much he enjoys it, and how AWAI helped him get there.

Direction, Not Motion

Sean McCool talks about how knowing your direction as a freelancer can help you stay on track.

Congratulations … AWAI Announces Winner of “New Hopes, New Goals, New Life” Video Contest

Steve Roller tells how he was able to walk away from his 60-hour-a-week job and start his new life as a freelance copywriter and resume writer.

Bootcamp Success – And So It Begins …

Learn what to expect at AWAI’s Bootcamp from past attendees.