Tamar Hela

Tamar Hela
San Jose, CA

Copywriter, Social Media Expert

B-to-B, Christian, Fundraising, Health, Web/Internet

Tamar Hela was born and raised in the Bay Area of California, where she currently resides with her family. Since the age of ten, many of her teachers have encouraged her to pursue a career in writing. As a musician and artist, she understands the importance of captivating an audience through various mediums, but especially loves using words to create visual images for readers. Tamar released her first novel in 2012: Feast Island, book one of a five book series and published through Epic Books Publishing. She also had a poem titled "Hope" published, which came out in the anthology Live Life: The Daydreamer's Journal, last year. She also maintains a blog at: tamarhela.wordpress.com. Tamar has employed her writing skills for several companies for which she has worked, and has also served as a freelance business consultant/writer for photographers and musicians. Natural and Healthy Living is one of her passions, and she is a certified Natural Health Instructor.

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