Meet AWAI-Trained Writer:

Ron Warne

Ron Warne

Location: Toronto, Ontario
Professions: Copywriter
Specialties: B-to-B, Health, Self-Help

Ron Warne has completed the following verification and training to the satisfaction of AWAI’s Board of Advisors, with expertise in:

AWAI Verified™

Ron Warne is AWAI Verified™. The AWAI Verified™ seal indicates that a copywriter has …

  • Studied AWAI’s world-class The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting, which covers the fundamentals of persuasive direct-response copy.
  • Passed AWAI’s robust test and demonstrated an understanding of copywriting principles and best practices.

Professional Background:

Masters in Educ. College Instructor 18 yrs.
Extensive copywriting training through AWAI faculty
Certified in Direct Response copywriting by Dan Kennedy
Facilitator of Cdn. government certification programs for the health, fitness and wellness industry.
Health columnist for US newspaper, 18 yrs.
Professional cartoonist for the magazine,newspaper, and book publishing industry. Author of 3 humour books (Amazon)
Member of the American Humour Writers Association
Blogger for the motorcycle industry and previously an advice columnist for the online dating industry.

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