Curtis Moore

Curtis Moore
Erie, PA


B-to-B, Financial, Web/Internet

Do you have looming project deadlines?

Are you concerned about hiring some flaky freelancer and putting your reputation at risk?

Do you desire to contract with someone who is willing to develop a long-term partnership, and consistently be there for project overflow?

If you need to address any one of these concerns, you’re in the right place.

I’ve heard all of the complaints, and I know one thing ...

... Hiring the wrong freelancer flat out sucks. In fact, you may have previously worked with a copywriter who ...

•Failed to meet deadlines
•Left you with half-baked copy
•Had a diva-like attitude and was unreceptive to critiques
•Turned into “The Great Houdini” and disappeared when it was time for revisions

If you’re tired of being burned by bad freelance copywriter experiences, let me put an end to your frustration.

Please contact me on my webiste with your project goals today:

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