Meet AWAI-Trained Writer:

Liz Nellis

Liz Nellis

Location: Rolling Meadows, IL
Professions: Copywriter, Graphic Designer, Researcher, Travel Writer
Specialties: B-to-B, Catalog, Health, Self-Help, Web/Internet

Liz Nellis has completed the following verification and training to the satisfaction of AWAI’s Board of Advisors, with expertise in:

AWAI Verified™

Liz Nellis is AWAI Verified™. The AWAI Verified™ seal indicates that a copywriter has …

  • Studied AWAI’s world-class The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting, which covers the fundamentals of persuasive direct-response copy.
  • Passed AWAI’s robust test and demonstrated an understanding of copywriting principles and best practices.

Professional Background:

I am an AWAI trained Direct Response Copywriter, Email and Newsletter Specialist as well as an experienced professional Editor/Proofreader (edited and proofread for a soon to be bestselling novelist - here's hoping)

A professional with a great sense of humor and an easy conversational writing style so I can “speak” to your prospects in a language they understand to keep them engaged, interested and hooked.

My Credentials:
•Certified Family Herbalist and Nutritional Herbologist from The School Of Natural Healing
•EditFast - CopyEditor, Proofreader and Test Marker
•A member of AWAI since 2003
•A member of the Professional Writers’ Alliance since 2016.
•Experienced Researcher for
•A published Poet
•A published Travel Writer; having written several articles for an online travel resource.
•Real Estate experience and knowledge: Sales Associate, Appraisal and Licensed Home Inspector
•Life Member of North American Fishing Club

My Background and Interests:
•Herbal Nutrition: Studied and certified in Nutritional Herbology and Family Herbal Healthcare
•Women's Health and Fitness (Over 50)
•Women's Golf Equipment, apparel, plus Tips and Tricks from Women Golf Instructors
•Green Eco-Friendly Natural Products Healthcare
•Cannabis Culture: I have unique resources other writers don’t have (email to find out what they are)
•Numismatics: A hobby for over 20 years
•Women Anglers – Yes we like to fish too
•Pet Healthcare: Pet owner on the constant search for up to date pet care trends and techniques
•Organic Gardening
•Hotel/Hospitality Reviews

An avid travel I have ventured abroad; into Canada as well as across the country; with Coeur d’Alene, Idaho being a favorite stop and Hannibal, Missouri being my happy place. I've lived on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts and enjoy the adventure that traveling brings.

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