Jeremy Coates

Jeremy Coates
Woodstock, GA

Copywriter, Researcher, Social Media Expert

B-to-B, Health, Self-Help

I am a 40 Year old Champion, Leader, and Direct Response Self-Help Copywriter that has:
•22 years' experience playing sports
•30 years' experience strength and conditioning and weight training, and supplements
•4 years NCAA football with 2 conference rings,
•2 years' experience as a chemistry workshop tutor with leadership awards
•letter of recommendation from Jimmy Carter and Senator George Hooks.
•Owner of Innovative Marketing Agency for 5 years
•Read self-help books for over 20 years, in leadership, strategy, subconscious mind, sales, marketing, communication and Relationships
•Certified Leadership speaker, trainer, and coach for the John Maxwell Team, including 8 certifications to teach John Maxwell Principles including 7 courses
•Verified direct response copywriter with the American Writers and Artist Inc., including completing over 15 copywriting courses in the last 6 years.
•Completed Jack Canfield and Steve Harrison's 'Best Sellers Blueprint' program
•Certified Jack Canfield Success Principles Coach
•Certified Customer Value Optimization Specialist
•Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist
•Certified Content Marketing Specialist
•Certified Direct Response Copywriters
•Affiliate with Post Card Mania, an Inc. 500 company and the largest Post Card printing press in United States.

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