Meet AWAI-Trained Writer:

Roger Gay

Roger Gay

Location: Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
Professions: Copywriter, Travel Writer
Specialties: Health, Web/Internet

Professional Background:

In my professional life I have had a multiplicity of interesting careers. These professions range from Architecture to Teaching and Martial Arts, Shipping/Receiving and finally to Freelance Copywriting/Travel Writing. Through my experience in these careers I have gained insight and experience from the inside which will allow me to provide the most powerful and convincing copywriting service which you require. Currently my Principal Services offered are Articles and Case Studies and my other Specialties are Advertorials, Proofreading/Editing and Microsites.

My other Writing encompasses two books which I have in process right now: a Memoir and a teen fiction novel. Recently I became a member of two writing organizations: The ITWPA and PWA.

Why hire me? I have no preconceptions about what I think you will need, and I will work with you to determine what you need. I will provide you excellence in service and dependability and I offer competitive rates.

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