Meet AWAI-Trained Writer:

Vincent Lupe

Vincent Lupe

Location: Louisville, OH
Professions: Copywriter, Researcher, Social Media Expert, SEO Expert, Publicist, Desktop Marketer
Specialties: B-to-B, Catalog, Christian, Self-Help, Web/Internet

Professional Background:

With 3+ years as an expert B2B Marketer & SEO Copywriter, I’ve seen first-hand the intricate challenges businesses face in positioning their brand in a competitive market; to truly stand out & achieve unparalleled success, partnering with a top-tier digital marketing specialist is paramount.

If you're an ambitious business aiming for global recognition & a dominating legacy, allow me to leverage my intuitive B2B insights, content writing prowess, and passion for copywriting & copyediting. Together, we'll craft compelling content that captures your audience's attention & fosters lasting partnerships.


From defining clear content objectives, to brainstorming impactful campaign ideas & charting a strategic content roadmap, I'm the guide guide you need - at every step; whether it's through surveys, detailed articles, engaging infographics, dynamic social media content, tailored email newsletters, or persuasive copy, I'll be there to support you.


As an expert Freelance Digital Marketer, SEO Copywriter, SEO Contents Writer, and Content Strategist, I bring 3+ years of rich experience in Content Marketing and 2+ years in strategized SEO & SEM, forging long-term global business partnerships that foster all-around business growth & success.

My portfolio showcases consistent delivery of 6-8 in-depth articles monthly for high DA publication sources, amplifying brand visibility. Notably, I’ve elevated Callnovo Contact Center’s Google Search ranking by a consistent 3 positions after a comprehensive website revamp and boosted their CTR by 0.3-0.4% every consecutive 8 months. My strategies have driven 4,600 additional clicks and secured 400+ strategic partnerships every consecutive 8 months. My expertise spans Keyword Research, On-Page Optimization, Copywriting, and more. Leveraging my skills, I drive massive value & lucrative results.


• Advanced Business Writing
• Short/Long Form Writing
• Copywriting/Copyediting
• Blogging
• Social Media Networking:
• ChatGPT/Prompt Engineering
• Customer Success Management
• Operations Management

Ready to achieve your business' long-term expansion goals? Let's collaborate!

Feel free to connect with me now on LinkedIn or via email at Together, we'll craft decisive strategies that align with your vision & goals to build a dominant legacy.

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