How I Went From Layoff to Payoff
3 Steps (and More) to Becoming the
Copywriter You Really Want to Be

Ever wonder how other copywriters make the leap from aspirind to working freelancer?

Inside the covers of this e-book AWAI member Penny Thomas reveals the steps she took to go from learning the tools of copywriting – while pulling in a paycheck – to mastering them and producing a control-beating package.

Penny’s book will walk you through how she leveraged her layoff from corporate America into living the writer’s life.

  • 3-step success system to achieving the writer’s life
  • Finding clients and successfully marketing yourself
  • A sure-fire way to save money so you can quit your day job
  • What you can do to build your business – while pulling in a paycheck
  • Things you must do immediately – and things you can forget about for a while
  • Why having a “plan” is essential to your success

From Layoff to Payoff (PDF – 121KB)