Get Paid to Write: How to Land Paying Gigs Writing Copy and Content

Rebecca The demand for good writers has never been higher, and contrary to popular belief, it's easier than ever to find writing gigs that pay very well by tapping into this $2 trillion industry. All you need to know is where they are and how to land them.

Join Rebecca Matter – who personally hires dozens of writers every year – for this FREE webinar she recently put on for Writer’s Digest Readers, and learn what the best paying opportunities are for writers, what you can expect to make for each of the projects, where to find the clients, how to land the work, and more!

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Get Paid to Write: Your Questions Answered

Rebecca received over 100+ questions after the webinar, so she put together a second video answering all of them. But if you have a question she didn’t answer, feel free to post a comment below!

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21 Responses to “Get Paid to Write: How to Land Paying Gigs Writing Copy and Content”

  1. Very valuable....pushed me further into writing as a career. How do I get the PDF version?

    Guest (Halcyee Anderson)

  2. Copy writer....B2B Market.....Publicist....resume writing...

    all kinds of 'bits 'n pieces' my...

    so what does it all mean?

    Nothing is free - my Mom told me that - so there has been no mention of costs.

    I read constantly. Perhaps I should contemplate writing some thing for someone else to read?

    Tell me more please....

    R Pitman

    Guest (Hnry)

  3. leny, I got frustrated with your sales program. I unsubscribed. But I had already convinced my son in law that this is a very good thing indeed. He made me realize that I already know how to selland I know how to write. I hope I can be re-admitted. I have been an RN for over 50 years. I had to sell my patients to their diagnosis and recovery.
    I was very successful. I am a member of Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare.
    The International Nurses Association

    Guest (leny Kaltenekker)

  4. I plan to use my experience as a trial lawyer, law professor and television commentator to become a copywriter.
    I've always loved writing. Even though B2B Copyrighting is different, it's still persuasive.
    My training to persuade in trials; televised debates,and getting 81,000 votes in an election is ALL ABOUT SELLING. Selling my point of view can now be highly profitable for businesses, and for me too. So glad it's measurable, because I'm up for the challenge.


  5. I love to write comments, opinions, emails, etc. and I have lots of ideas on many issues, items etc.
    I also LOVE the idea of being able to work at home thru my own business writing, am currently very involved in social media and have a book idea.
    The problem.... I cannot afford to jump in and write professionally - doing it the right way, without the stability of income.
    How realistic, dependable and length of time would viable/real income be expected?

    Guest (Ruthie)

  6. As a beginner ,do I need to send any copy of my write-ups.?

    Guest (Simeon Adewumi)

  7. I like to write all types of things. Can't decide yet but feel as though I'm ready.

    Guest (jmarie2327)

  8. Thank you Rebecca for this very informational questions and answers video.

    Just last night I sent an email to Mindy asking some questions and from listening in to this video, I have a number of answers even to some I didn't ask.

    That day I found AWAI's information in a Readers Digest at the Library and got on your mailing list, was a blessed day.

    Guest (Nathanie Etinoffe)

  9. I know I can meet this challenge but do not know to pick the category. Can individuals who get into writing make changes in direction within if they wish. Can you accomplish more than one direction? For example, can I write for a short story for someone like Reader's Digest and then write advertising copy for another?

    Guest (Virginia Vinson)

  10. how much does this cost?

    Guest (emdubcreativediva)

  11. I've been advising Seniors on Financial Planning and addressing their fears of
    "outliving their income" for over 40 years, which is the greatest concern of
    70% of seniors. Perhaps I can continue my efforts by writing on the subject.

    Guest (William O Bill Jordan CLU)

  12. I wish I would have ran across this thirty years ago.

    One speech class in college taught me how to write speeches which basically is the same outline as writing an article.

    I am also a psychotherapist. TaDa!

    I don't want write copyright primarily because it is boring. UGH

    I'm great with opinions. Whatever an audience wants to hear, I can zero in on it and give it to them. My bad?

    What's the price?

    Guest (SharonBD)

  13. I came across AWAI by chance. As a newcomer who is just trying to figure out where to begin, the amount of information is overwhelming.

    Guest (Jeannette)

  14. Humor is what I love to write give people a good laugh, I love passing on ideas and making suggestionsI always wanted to write adds for businesses and believe that if you want to be heard and remembered the best way is through humor. I love searching the internet for content I do all my own beauty products, cleaning products furniture repair and make furniture. Knowledge i love to divulge in the written form and feel very apt at taking on challenging questions and responding even if the answer is not 100% to one's liking I come from the heart and honesty is everything.

    Guest (Carmel Finnerty)

  15. To be a member of AWAL is very important and helpful. But how can I receive money after been a member and creating myAWAL account?

    Guest (Philip)

  16. All of the testimonials are very positive but no mention of where to look for the copy writing jobs. Where do I find them?

    Guest (Doris Turvey Hansel)

  17. What people think doesn't bother me at all anymore I have learned that in this world you need to dominate your feelings. And if society wants sadness give them what they want. While you keep your personal life for you remember all we need in this world we all have it is for free and is call brain we just need to make sure to use it wisely. And you will conquer all you want.

    Guest (Pastelito)

  18. I read 'Write-Now Persuasive Writing Prompts . I did the exorcise , this seemed to encourage Creative-Writing .


  19. Writing. It is my dream.
    I'll tell you what that English is not my language.
    English Speaking, I feel I can do it. For so many years my side jobs: tour guiding plus tour leading inside my Indonesian land and waters. Means of communication: English and German. Yes I know German ....

    Guest (katamsinurrasa)

  20. I have a niche market in mind and know several business owners. My re as l question is how to transition from hobby writing fiction to writing ad campaigns for small businesses.

    Guest (Joni)

  21. The information that is provided through this program is very helpful & at the same time a bit overwhelming for beginner copywriters. Figuring out where to begin is the ultimate goal for a beginner.

    It is wise to provide continuous information throughout the program to guide a beginner or lead them to a specific area of expertise.

    Guest (September)

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