A Shocking and Personal
“Writer’s Life” Confession

 I swear, under oath, that every word of what I’m about
to share is based on my own true story …

Dear Fellow Copywriter,

You’ll never amount to a hill of beans.

That’s what my 10th grade biology teacher said when I asked him to sign the scrap of paper saying I was dropping out of high school.

I was 16.

My dad had left us and as the new “man of the house,” I had to scramble to help support my mom and brother.

And so, on a winter’s day in 1968, I walked out of East Central High School for the last time …

 … and traded in “homework” for three minimum-wage jobs that barely kept body and soul together.

I was earning a whopping $1.60 per hour.

Hell — I was lucky to have two nickels to rub together. Fortunately, it was around that time that I discovered copywriting.

Now, I wish I could say that once I fell into copywriting, I lived happily ever after. I can’t.

I’d be lying if I did.

Fact is, it was a long road to the top.

And that’s why I’m writing you today …

 … So you don’t have to make the same mistakes I made …

 … So you don’t waste your time chasing your tail (like I have) …

 … So you can LIVE the writer’s life a LOT sooner than I did.

Look, these days I’m living my DREAM LIFE. Most would say I’m successful by almost any standard. I have everything I could ever want — and then some.

And it’s my hope — my conviction — that if you learn the lessons I want to share with you and apply them along with a heaping helping of your own genius, you will one day be as amazed at their remarkable, life-changing power as I am.

See, we’re a lot alike, you and I …

Like you, I had a longing to live the writer’s life.

I wanted FREEDOM. I never wanted to be struggling financially again. I wanted more than enough money to buy the things I really wanted and have the experiences I knew would enrich my life.

I also wanted to make sure my loved ones were ALWAYS well taken care of.

Bottom line: I wanted the power to create my own destiny. Without a boss or a job limiting what I could do, and when.

After all, all I knew growing up was poverty.

I was adopted at birth and my dad, mom, and I lived in a one-bedroom cabin in Minneapolis.

Dad was a divinity student going to seminary and eventually became a Methodist Minister.

God rest his soul, he wasn’t a very good preacher. So, he’d get assigned to all the smaller churches.

If it wasn't for those churches providing us with housing, we’d have been homeless.

It was so bad, each year in junior high, my brother and I were given a “standard issue” of one pair of pants and two shirts. Dad expected that to last us the ENTIRE year!

I hated it. By end of year, I looked real funny because I’d literally grown out of the clothes.

Finally, as I mentioned earlier, I was in high school when he hung us out to dry. I had to step in and support my mom and brother by working the night shift at a donut shop, part-time at a gas station, and then at a print shop.

It’s those experiences growing up that gave me the burning desire to want to get rich and live the writer’s life.

So … much like you might be doing right now, I studied every book I could lay my hands on to learn direct marketing, advertising, and copywriting …

I still remember those days:

The postman would arrive at 3:00 each day and I’d meet him in the driveway … snatch every direct-mail piece out of his hand … make a beeline for my office … and study those promotions as if they were Holy Writ.

And, sure enough, it wasn’t long before I could design marketing campaigns and write sales copy with the best of them.

Why YOU should care about any of this

I promise you, there’s a VERY good (and practical) reason why you should care.

Let me explain …

I bet dollars to donuts that right now, you’re putting most, if not all, of your energy, focus, and talent into learning the skill of copywriting, right?

No, I’m not a mind reader. That’s exactly what I did back when I got started.

And that was a MISTAKE!

Even though I was getting good … really good at writing copy … I STILL wasn’t living the writer’s life.

In fact, I was working as a staff copywriter at a small L.A. ad agency for a meager $15,000 a year.

In wasn’t until 1979 that I became a freelancer.

Not by choice. I got fired.

My boss at the ad agency had promised me a $20,000 bonus if I brought in $1 million-worth of accounts in a year. But when I did it and asked for my bonus, the bastard fired me.

I was desperate.

At 26, I had a wife, two young kids, a mortgage, no savings to speak of, no money coming in, and no real prospects for a job.

And that’s when I learned this critical lesson:

Learning your craft and providing
great value to your clients is essential …

But it’s only HALF of the equation that turns
your ability to write copy into
the financial freedom you crave.

I quickly learned this lesson as a freelancer the hard way.

It was brutal at first. We barely had enough to eat — let alone pay the bills.

One Saturday, as my wife and I rode my motorcycle into town, a cop spotted my defective taillight and pulled us over. When he ran a check on my license, he found a six-month-old traffic ticket I had completely forgotten about.


Within minutes, I was cooling my heels in the Redondo Beach Jail.

The cop said the only way I’d get out would be if my wife brought the $70 bail to the court clerk — in cash.

The problem was, not only didn’t we have $70 in our pockets, we didn’t even have $70 in the bank!

But that was a problem for Monday. The problem for that Saturday was to get me out of the slammer.

And so we did what had to be done:

My wife called a cab and cashed rubber checks at three different grocery stores to get enough to pay the bail and the cab fare.

Fortunately back then, it took three days for a check to get from the store to the bank — and somehow, I covered them in time.

Now, at that point, an intelligent person would have probably just given up. A sane person would have said, "This copywriting thing just ain’t cutting it. I better find a real job and just resign myself to living paycheck-to-paycheck for the rest of my life."

Not me.

I was just too dumb, stubborn, and cocky to abandon my dream of becoming a world-class copywriter. And so we continued scrimping and scraping by for another year …

 … and lo and behold, I started to make it work!

Within two years, I’d more than sextupled my income. Within three years, I was up to $350,000 a year. Seventeen years later, I hit the $1-million-a-year mark — and kept right on going.

May I let you in on a little secret?

Clayton Makepeace

My name, by the way, is Clayton Makepeace.

And even though some consider me to be one of the highest-paid copywriters in the world …

 … none of my success has come by luck or pure coincidence.

I had to learn how to turn my copywriting skills into a bona fide business that fed my family, gave me the freedom I wanted, and allowed me to live a truly blessed life.

And today, I want to help you do just that.

Because, as I mentioned earlier, learning how to write great sales copy is only HALF the equation of becoming a successful freelancer. If you truly want to live life on your terms, it’s critical you learn the “business” end of your business!

And so, I’ve teamed up with AWAI and created a comprehensive video (and more) training program that will help you take the copywriting skills you’re learning — and give you a blueprint for transforming them into the financial freedom that will help you live the writer’s life.

It’s called The Makepeace Method: Building Your Successful Copywriting Business.

The “missing link” for living the writer’s life

It took me a quarter-century to learn the half of this business most copywriters miss. I’d like to give you a crash course in building your freelance business and multiplying your income …

That’s why I hold nothing back in The Makepeace Method. I give you every income-increasing strategy, tactic, and trade secret I’ve learned over four decades — secrets to help you …

  • Book yourself solid: The days of having to chase clients down and “sell” yourself to them will be over. You’ll discover my trade secrets for attracting the highest-paying clients in any niche. These secrets are so powerful, you may even have potential clients fight over who gets to hire you!
  • Get paid what you’re worth: You’ll see in minute detail how I negotiate compensation agreements. You’ll also get sample contracts that will help you generate huge profits for your clients and massive income for yourself.
  • Start making more money immediately: The secret? Pick the lowest-hanging fruit first! You get my COMPLETE system for spotting the best opportunities; then producing almost immediate, explosive profits for your client (and instant wealth for you!).
  • Keep clients with you for years; maybe even forever: You’ll get my time-tested techniques for making your client feel he’d sooner chew off his own right arm than to let you go.
  • And much, MUCH MORE!

If you’re just getting started in the world of copywriting and haven’t made a single penny, this is exactly the kind of thing you should be learning as you hone your craft.

Because as you improve … as you gain more confidence … you’ll be unstoppable!

You’ll have the know-how to create as much success as you want. Your success won’t be limited by a lack of understanding about this critical half of the trade. And you’ll be able to live whatever version of the writer’s life that suits your fancy.

Best of all, you can get up to speed on how to build your successful copywriting business in record time.

That’s because I cover everything you need to know in seven easy-to-follow video modules. Take a look:

How to Write Copy That Will Make YOU RICH

This is where we start your journey to living YOUR version of the writer’s life. While this is only HALF the equation, it still is an important one.

I need to make sure you’re up to speed with HOW to write copy that will beat the pants off whatever copy your clients are currently using.

PLUS — in order to build your business quickly, your product (in this case, your copywriting) has got to be top-notch.

That’s why in this two-part module, I’ll quickly get you up to speed with all the “bag of tricks” you’ll need to improve conversions, boost sales, and have you writing like a true pro in no time flat.

Consider this your “crash course” on writing “A” Level copy that will make you rich and your clients richer.

Write Hot Copy FASTER!

It just makes plain sense that if you could write “A” Level copy in half the time, you’d make twice as much income, right?

Plus, if you can crank out copy in less time, you’ll have more control over your schedule, more free time to do the things you want, and you’ll never worry about missing a deadline.

That’s why in this session I’ll show you the exact strategies I’ve used over the past decade to be one of the fastest writers around.

How to Get GREAT Clients to
Beat a Path to Your Door

Now that we’ve got our bases covered as far as your skills and productivity go, it’s time to open your doors and start landing clients.

In this session, we’ll go over ALL the strategies you can use to have an army of great clients beating a path to your door. AND, I’ll show you how to get the kinds of fees that’ll make you blush.

The Marketer's Mindset:
THINK Your Way to $1 Million

Your mindset is CRITICAL to your success. Without the right mindset, you can do all the “right” things and still not have a profitable and successful copywriting business.

So in this session, I’ll share with you ALL the lessons in mindset I’ve learned over the years. These are the same techniques I’ve used throughout my ENTIRE LIFE to get past obstacles and challenges that could have tanked my career faster than the Titanic.

Please do NOT skip this session. I truly want you to succeed … and “getting” this is paramount to successfully living your dream version of the writer’s life!

Structuring Win-Win Deals

Okay, now that you have a solid foundation, it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty of HOW you create the kinds of deals that will help you make more money in one month than most freelancers make in an entire year.

It’s not difficult at all … and in this session, I’ll show you exactly what to do, what to include in all your deals, and how to structure them in a way that your clients will practically beg you to get things going.

Contractual Matters

Once you’ve agreed to a deal, you should ALWAYS get everything in writing.

Yes, I know it’s not the most “sexy” topic for copywriters, but it’s something you NEED to know how to do, to make sure you get PAID!

I’ll cover the basics every contract you sign should have … and I’ll tell you how to explain it to your clients in a way that’s non-threatening and simple to do. PLUS — I’ll give you sample contracts I’ve used personally in the past, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

How to Make More Money With Each Client
(And Keep Them With You Forever)

Once you’re up and running, there may come a point where you want to grow your income to the next level.

Here’s where I give you everything I know how to do — in order to make more money with each client. And, how to do it in a way that benefits BOTH of you. This keeps your client happy, loyal, and paying YOU for years to come.

By the time you’re done with this training — and you go out and offer your copywriting services — you’ll have both the skills AND confidence to quickly earn your clients’ trust … and their respect.

Can YOU really build a copywriting business using these secrets?


If you apply these secrets, you can truly turn your copywriting skills into a real business that supports you, your family, and whatever level of lifestyle you want.

But let’s get one thing straight — I’m not going to insult your intelligence by promising you that you’ll suddenly begin making millions each year like I do as a result of this program.

Let’s face it — that may not even be something you want to do.

But if you want to actually experience this thing called the writer’s life, then bucko, understanding this business stuff is how you do it.

Whether you want to create an extra $3,000 a month part-time … or get serious and earn $10,000, $20,000 — even $50,000 or more per MONTH …

 … What you’ll learn in The Makepeace Method: Building Your Successful Copywriting Business is the quickest path you can take to get there.


In addition to everything you’ll be learning, I’ve also asked a few of my copywriting friends — six-figure AND seven-figure copywriters — to share with you how THEY built their copywriting businesses from the ground up.

This way, you get even MORE business-building secrets to get you started!

You’ll hear from:

  • Carline Anglade-Cole … a TOP copywriter in the natural-health industry who regularly earns a cool million every year. Carline was one of my early Copy Cubs, and she’s been writing blockbuster controls ever since.
  • Parris Lampropoulos … another “A-lister” — who earns at least a million smackers every year writing for Boardroom and other giants in our field.
  • Lori Haller … one of our industry’s MOST-SUCCESSFUL graphic designers. She’s worked with every legendary copywriter you can imagine — and she’ll share with you how she built her freelancing business.
  • Marcella Allison … a superstar copywriter and marketing consultant, will share how she built up a VERY successful copywriting business writing for MAJOR clients like Boardroom and Motley Fool … and guess what? She started out just like everyone else — from scratch!
  • David Deutsch … this legendary, million-dollar copywriter has written NUMEROUS controls for Boardroom and other major mailers … and he’s the one copywriter in this lineup who got his start working with the legendary David Ogilvy at his agency, Ogilvy & Mather.
  • Paul Maxey … he’s one of those rare copywriters who has a natural gift for creating great direct-response promotions. But as you know, talent and skill isn’t enough to build a solid business. You’ll hear how Paul built his business from the ground up.
  • Guillermo Rubio … I’m not easily impressed. I've worked with hundreds of up-and-coming copywriters over the years. But none have done a better job or showed more promise right off the bat than this guy. You’ll hear how “G” — a self-confessed introvert — grew his freelance copywriting business to six-figures and climbing.

PLUS, you’ll get two valuable gifts
— a $1,094 Value, FREE!

I’m ABSOLUTELY COMMITTED to helping you succeed — so you don’t have to go through all the trial and error I had to go through.

That’s why I also want to give you TWO more resources I think will help you tremendously … and give you the confidence to start living your version of the writer’s life a lot sooner than you might expect:

FREE GIFT #1: How to Build a Six-Figure Copywriting Business (a $299 value)

This used to sell on my blog, The Makepeace Total Package, for $299.

In it, you’ll discover proven secrets for earning six-figure advances and seven-figure royalties, including how to:

  • Attract New Copywriting Gigs as Easy as Bees to Honey
  • Command the Same Royalties as the Big Guns — With Far Less Writing Experience …
  • Keep Clients Coming Back to You Over and Over Again — Even if Your First Assignment Was a Bomb
  • Double Your Freelance Writing Income — By Producing Up to Twice As Many Projects in the Same Amount of Time …
  • Establish a Deeper, More Rewarding Relationship with Your Clients — This Secret is Nearly Guaranteed to Push Your Freelance Income into the Stratosphere …
  • Get the Very Best, Highest-Paying Clients Lined Up to Beg for a Coveted Spot on Your Very Full Dance Card!

Plus, you’ll also get seven full audio seminars, all designed to help you make more money in less time:

  • Audio Seminar #1Kick Your Copywriting Business into Hyperdrive!
  • Audio Seminar #2How to Get Every Penny You’re Worth …
  • Audio Seminar #3How to Keep Your Clients Coming Back to You Over and Over Again — Forever!
  • Audio Seminar #4Write Better Copy, FASTER … Produce Up to TWICE As Many Projects Per Year … And Get Bigger Winners, More Often! …
  • Audio Seminar #5The Secret That Pushed My Income Up to $650,000 Per MONTH …
  • Audio Seminar #637 Proven Secrets to Help You Get BIGGER WINNERS, MORE OFTEN!
  • Audio Seminar #7Answers to Your Most Pressing Business-Building Questions

FREE GIFT #2: The Makepeace Business System (a $795 value)

This also used to sell on my blog. Now, you can’t find it anywhere.

You get NINE HOURS of instruction — all designed to make you a king’s ransom. You’ll discover …

  • The four, simple words you can say to a prospective client that make it nearly impossible for him not to hire you …
  • Answers to your most urgent questions about earning six, even seven-figures every year at home in your B.V.D.’s — or in any other location and/or uniform you choose …
  • Three secrets that can make each client four times more profitable for you …
  • Five land mines to avoid in freelance copywriter contracts …
  • Three ways to make sure you collect every penny of royalties you’re owed …
  • Why it’s NOT all about winning: You write a bomb. The client immediately hires you again. Crazy? NO! He just knows these seven things you don’t …
  • Six common blunders that get writers FIRED — and how to avoid each one …
  • The three-word answer that can instantly end any copy argument and keep your strongest effort intact …
  • Four times when you should demand your kill fee, kiss a client good-bye, and move on to greener pastures …
  • The six types of writer’s block — and how to blast away each one …
  • Six ways to keep your creative juices flowing — even when you think your brain is toast …
  • The #1 productivity killer — and the three mental tricks that kick its butt every time …
  • Five reasons why the freelance model fails clients and the better way to do business …
  • How to set up a new relationship that will make both you and your client as rich as Midas …
  • And MUCH MORE on how to perfect your craft!

You’re already halfway there …

If you’ve been around AWAI any length of time, then you’re well on your way to becoming a true copywriting pro. In fact, with the foundation you’re getting, you’re already halfway there.

Let me give you the other half … the business part of building a successful copywriting business.

I can’t tell you how much I WISH I could have had a resource like this when I first became a freelancer.

Trust me, this is not something that’s fun to try and “discover” how to do on your own.

Sure, I guess you could figure it out through trial and error and plenty of heartache.

But really, why do that when the path has already been blazed for you?

I’ve made all the blunders … I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t … and I’ve spotted the things you need to look out for. I’ve got the scars to prove it!

Going it alone would be like saying you’ll figure out how to drive from New York to L.A. without looking at a map or road signs and “trailblazing it.”

Why do that when you can get the exact directions to getting there in the shortest period of time?

Let me be your GPS.

I can guide you to living the writer’s lifefaster.

Just like I have plenty of other copywriters …

Kent Komae wrote for me a few years ago — today, using what he learned, he has become one of the premier direct-response writers in America, earning more than most copywriting coaches do!

Says Kent:

“I consider Clayton Makepeace one of the modern masters of direct marketing.

“Every time I talk to him, it’s like gold — I learn so much that’s helped me become a top copywriter.”

Carline Anglade-Cole (I mentioned you’ll hear from her in these video modules) asked me to teach her this business in the mid-1990s — today, she’s raking in big bucks in royalties in the super-lucrative health industry.

Here’s what she says:

“Clayton Makepeace is my copy hero. I had the privilege of being his Copy Cub and he encouraged me to give freelancing a shot.

“So when I sit by my pool or treat my family to luxurious vacations and great gifts, I honestly say in my heart, ‘Thanks, Clayton!’”

Brien Lundin was a fledgling copywriter at a small radio station in New Orleans when I took him under my wing. He got so rich, he bought his boss’ company — Jefferson Financial — and now makes millions publishing financial newsletters and hosting the New Orleans Investment Conference!

Brien says:

“Anyone who has found a way to benefit from Mr. Makepeace’s efforts, or tap his knowledge, has discovered a surefire key to success.”

With the secrets you’ll discover in The Makepeace Method: Building Your Successful Copywriting Business — there’s no reason why you can’t follow in their footsteps!

Never have to worry about your job or rely on others for your livelihood again

True freedom.

That’s what we all want, right?

It’s what I wanted when I was first starting out.

I had no earthly idea how I was going to make my fortune.

But what I did know for certain was this — I did NOT want to sell out on my dreams for that mess of lukewarm porridge called “job security.”

I knew for a fact — instinctively, viscerally — that there was another way … a better way.

And that’s exactly what I’m offering you today.

With The Makepeace Method: Building Your Successful Copywriting Business, you’re getting the lessons I learned — the hard way! — in one convenient training program.

Over the course of seven easy-to-follow video modules, you get a complete soup-to-nuts crash course on how to successfully start living the writer’s life …

  • We start off by making sure you get the nuts and bolts to write copy that can compete with the best copywriters out there (and how to get fast and productive doing it) …
  • You get the same strategies I use to land clients who will respect you and pay you every penny you deserve …
  • You get the nitty-gritty of how to set up profitable, win-win deals with your clients and how to get it all in writing …
  • You get my “mindset” strategies that ensure you have the confidence to TAKE ACTION and actually IMPLEMENT the strategies I’m handing to you on a silver platter …
  • AND you get the exact tips and tricks I use to ramp up my income into the stratosphere and make more money, with every new client I take on.

Not only that, but I’m also giving you two of my very best business-building resources (a $1,094 value) absolutely FREE.

You get: How to Build a Six-Figure Copywriting Business (a $299 value) AND The Makepeace Business System (a $795 value).

Every single strategy, tactic, and secret you pick up could easily put thousands of dollars … tens of thousands … maybe even $100,000 or more into your pocket.

I’m not just saying that either. I’ve seen it happen for me and many of the Copy Cubs I’ve trained over the years.

Bottom line:

This could be one of the best investments you’ll ever make in your success

Now, you should know that because I’m serious about helping you, I’ve done the best I can to make this ridiculously affordable.

In the past, I’ve charged thousands for sharing what I’ve learned over four decades in this business.

But you won’t pay that.

You can get started with The Makepeace Method: Building Your Successful Copywriting Business for just $995.

If you’re like I once was, I’d guess that you’ve probably spent a not-so-small fortune and many, many months to learn your craft.

Probably more than you have spent on learning how to translate those skills into the income that could change your life — and the life of those you love — for the better.

That can change today. Forever.

For less than $1,000, you can get THIS half of the success equation handled, once and for all.

When you order the The Makepeace Method: Building Your Successful Copywriting Business today you can get it ALL …

 … All seven video modules on how to build your successful copywriting business in no time flat …

 … the sessions with my six-figure and seven-figure copywriting friends and how THEY built their businesses from the ground up …

 … and your $1,094 in powerful, business-building bonuses, How to Build a Six-Figure Copywriting Business and The Makepeace Business System … for ONLY $995!

Come to think of it, I should probably have my head examined for offering what took me a quarter of a century to discover on my own for only $995.

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Put these secrets to the test

It’s the Gospel Truth: What you’ll learn in The Makepeace Method WORKS.

I’m living testament to it. And so are the hundreds of copywriters who’ve benefitted by my guidance both personally and through the training programs I’ve created over the years.

But still, I want to make absolutely certain you get a chance to see how powerful these strategies are in your own life.

So here’s what I’m willing to do.

Order Now!

Once you have access to the complete program, take a FULL 60 days to watch all the videos, take notes, immerse yourself in the material, and put it into action.

If by then, you still don’t see how this can help you live your version of the writer’s life, no hard feelings.

Just call AWAI’s friendly Member Services team and they’ll give you a full refund.

That said, I’m confident you’ll see just how valuable this will be to building your copywriting business.

The best idea you ever had

Before you take the copywriting world by storm, there’s something you should know …

Pursuing a copywriting career is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. It can, however, be the single best idea you ever had.

But — in order to “make it” — you’ve GOT to have this “business” HALF of your copywriting business handled.

Yes, it’s going to take some effort on your part.

But if, as my high school football coach loved to say, you’re eager to pour 110% of your genius, your creativity, and your energy into this …

If you’re willing to take the time to do it right … and learn how to attract the best kinds of clients that value and respect you …

If you’re willing to expend every ounce of mental and physical energy at your command … take your best shot … accept the consequences … take a hard, honest look at what you did right and what you did wrong … and learn your lessons …

 … And if, when all else fails, you can muster the will to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and do it better next time …

 … There’s no stopping you. Whether you’ve made it yet or not, you’re a winner in my book.

And someday soon, you’ll find yourself relishing the winner’s rewards.

Resolve to do whatever it takes in the short-term to reap the long-term rewards. Stick with it. Redouble your efforts. Refuse to accept anything but success.

Take my word for it:

The first time a client wires six-figures into your bank account to pay you for two weeks’ work, you’ll be glad you hung in there.

In that moment, all the hours you worked to perfect your craft … all the fears you stared down to move forward … and all the sacrifices you made to build your copywriting business … will all be worth it.

Look. Let me tell you something that all the gurus out there probably won’t.

Launching your copywriting business is scary. I know it is, because I was scared out of my wits when my boss at the ad agency I worked at fired me — and instantly turned me into a freelancer.

Please, let me help you.

Yes, it’ll still be scary. I can’t change that. But I can promise you it’ll be one of the most thrilling and rewarding things you do in your life.

Courage — true courage — means being scared to death and then doing what needs to be done anyway.

You can do this. I know you can.

Rooting for your success,

Clayton Makepeace

P.S. REMEMBER! Order your copy of The Makepeace Method: Building Your Successful Copywriting Business today for only $995.

You can be well on your way to learning the same strategies that helped me go from poverty to earning a king’s ransom and living my dream life.

What are you waiting for!?

Order Now!

P.P.S. I’m also going to give you a FREE copy of my special report, How to Catch All the Clients You’ll Ever Want. In it, you’ll discover:

  • The four qualities of a great client.
  • 22 places where world-class clients gather each year — and how to use these events to book all the work you’ll ever need.
  • Seven easy steps for closing the deal — what to do and what to say to have your pick of the best clients in your niche.
  • How to attract clients online: The secret to getting high-paying clients to come to you, hats in hand — including sample websites you can swipe ideas from.
  • What you must know before talking with a prospective client — and the questions you must ask in your first meeting with him.
  • How to spot a client you shouldn’t touch even with a ten-foot pole.
  • And lots more!

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