Are You Constantly in Need – and Searching
– for Writers Who Know How to Sell?

Tap a Group of Writers Professionally Trained
by the Top Experts in the Direct-Response World

Dear Marketer,

The Professional Writers’ AllianceAs a professional “plate spinner,” you’re probably managing 10-15 different projects right now.

Marketing is the most exciting field, but the pace is grueling. The need for effective copy to drive your campaigns is never-ending.

Even as you finish with one production schedule, you are well into the cycle for the next round. And the same is true across all your products and services.

Imagine being able to delegate copy assignments to a competent writer who truly understands direct response …

Who can get readers to take action …

And who can make your job easier by delivering copy that sells time and time again.

Introducing The Professional Writers’ Alliance (PWA)
The First-Ever International Association for Direct-Response Writers

Instead of wasting precious time and resources hoping to discover the “one in a million” at a networking event or in the pile of inquiries received from “green” or unknown writers, you now have direct access to professional writers who can sell.

The writers in The Professional Writers’ Alliance pool already understand what you need:

  1. Compelling copy that gets your prospects' attention and drives them to take action
  2. Lead generation for your sales efforts
  3. Conversion of online visitors into buyers
  4. And everything else in between …

There are many parts to the marketing puzzle, but as they say, copy is king. Without good persuasive copy, promotions don’t stand a chance.

And with PWA, you now have an unending stream of talented professional writers who can deliver the copy you need any time you need it.

When you hire a member of The Professional Writers’ Alliance for your next project, you can be confident you’ll get a tested professional who is:

  1. Direct-response savvy
  2. On top of the latest industry trends
  3. Committed to continuously improving their skills
  4. And mentored by the best in the business

When you need writers who can sell, turn to the Professional Writers' Alliance.