I have asked a former client to stop emailing me, but she hasn’t stopped. What are my options?

This is tough as you don’t want to burn bridges and you definitely don’t want anyone spreading negative thoughts about you or your freelance business over the Internet, but sometimes enough is enough!

First of all always be careful what you put in writing! It can come back and haunt you later on. So no matter how frustrating someone may be, always respond appropriately and professionally.

Assuming you have submitted the copy and the project is complete, you can say something along the lines of:

I’m so glad you like my work. Unfortunately, I have a bunch of other projects lined up and am unable to take on any new projects at the moment. If I find that some time frees up, I will get a hold of you.


Hi! Am currently working on a tight deadline. No time to chat. So sorry ― take care!

If it gets to a point where she is flooding your inbox and you’ve tried to politely hint that now is not a good time, perhaps you should consider blocking her email address altogether.