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Submit a Spec Assignment – Your Life Is Now
Take action every day to make yourself more successful. The first step is to submit a spec. It’s a win-win no matter what the outcome is.
Commit to Continued Action – Your Life Is Now
Commit to continued forward progress by uncovering your core emotions and using them to drive you toward a writer’s life.
Review and Refresh – Your Life Is Now
No matter what you do for a living, your skills can become stale if you don’t refresh them regularly. Take time this week to review one of your programs.
Follow up with Clients – Your Life Is Now
After you submit a spec to a marketer don’t just sit back and wait for them to give you an assignment. Always follow up with them – until they tell you to stop.
How to Tap Into AWAI’s Culture of Shared Success
The AWAI family is a great support system for new and advanced copywriters. Share your experiences and advice with other members and learn from those around you.
What to Do When Your Client Doesn’t Have Clear Marketing Goals
When your client doesn’t have clear marketing goals, your first job is to help them figure that out. Use these six questions to help.
No More “Quick Fix” Marketing!
Stop using “quick fix” marketing strategies. The PSD method will put you on the path to better marketing and a healthier freelance income.
Use the Power of One in Your Marketing with List Segmentation
Experienced marketers know that list segmentation and targeted marketing yield better results. Find out how you can use the same idea to market yourself.
How to Use Workshops to Land Clients
Build your reputation as an expert, meet qualified prospects, and convert them into clients — learn how to use workshops to land clients.
What to Do When Your Professional Web Writing Demands Multiple Personalities
Developing your web-writing voice is a powerful way to set yourself apart. Learning to capture your client’s voice is equally important.

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