July 2002

An Important Question You Must Ask Yourself About the Product You're Selling

Michael Masterson reveals the different approach you must take between need-to-have and want-to-have products.

Secrets of a Master: From Start to Finish – How to Create a Successful Package

Bob Bly shares the steps he goes through to write a successful direct response package.

The Invisible Web: How to Access Hidden Documents Online

Learn how to find documents that search engines don't see and give your research a boost.

More Insights from Working Copywriters

AWAI members give advice on what to charge for your work.

Quick Tip: Ask Three Times

Learn the best way to ask for the sale.

12 Ways to Use Lift Notes to Boost Response

John Forde gives you 12 strategies you can use to write better lift notes.

Insights from Working Copywriters: How to Work With a Client to Create a Winning Package

Professional copywriters share how they handle common situations that arise between freelance copywriters and their clients.