January 2003

Four Easy Ways to Add Urgency to Your Copy

Bob Bly gives you four ways to add urgency to your copy.

Interview with a Pro: How to Increase Response Rates Up to 100% Without Changing a Word, Part 1 – A Conversation With Ted Kikoler

Ted Kikoler reveals how design choices affect your package's success rate.

10 Essential Quick Tips Every Beginning Copywriter Should Know (And Use)

Ten things every aspiring copywriter should know to increase their success.

How Masters Member Beverly Huttinger Landed Her First Test Mailing – Without Soliciting Clients

In an interview, AWAI master copywriting member Beverly Huttinger shares how she landed her first test mailing.

It's Good to Know: When You're Writing to the Health Market

Find out what every copywriter should know about the health market.

Secrets of a Master: Michael Masterson and Don Mahoney on Structure, Logic, and the Biggest Mistake Most Beginning Copywriters Make

Master copywriters Michael Masterson and Don Mahoney put direct mail structure and logic under the microscope.

5 Things I Learned From Michael Masterson That Are Helping Me Achieve My Copywriting Goals

Krista Jones shares how Michael Masterson has helped her achieve her copywriting goals.

Your Most Important New Year's Resolution

Michael Masterson reveals how to set your number one goal for the New Year.