April 2003

Selling-Yourself Tip: How to Raise Your Rates

Bob Bly on how to raise your rates with a client.

Success Story: How Kammy Thurman Got Her First Writing Job … Then Her First Copywriting Job – and What She Did When They Asked Her for Samples

Kammy Thurman shares how she landed her first copywriting job and gives you insight on how to handle it when a client asks for writing samples.

Body (Copy) Language: Six Accidental Messages Copywriters Send

John Forde reveals six mistakes that copywriters make in the body of their sales packages.

AWAI's $10,000 Challenge

Lori Appling announces AWAI's ongoing copywriting contest—the 10k challenge.

The First 8 Questions Your Client Should Answer Upfront

Krista Jones gives you eight questions you should ask your client before beginning your next project.

Why Clients Rewrite Your Copy (and How to Handle It)

Bob Bly provides tips on how to work with clients who rewrite your copy.

Another Great Tip for Landing Clients

Bob Bly answers an AWAI member's question on approaching clients.

How Close is Too Close for Copy?

John Forde shares strategies for establishing the right level of connection and familiarity with your readers.