August 2003

Quick Tip: An Extra Step You Have to Take When Selling to the Alternative-Health Market

A copywriting tips for health writers from master copywriter Arthur Johnson.

10 Ways to Make a Six-Figure Income as a Freelance Writer, Part 1

Bob Bly weighs on the different ways you can find success as a freelance writer.

Quick Tip: How to Improve Your Writing by Making It Simpler

Michael Masterson shows why simplest writing often makes the best sales copy.

14 Characteristics of Successful People: How Do You Measure Up?

Michael Masterson shows you 14 traits that successful people possess and shares how you can cultivate these traits in yourself.

Quick Tip: The Secret of "Top and Tail"

Discover the two parts of your package that you should focus on when editing.

What Else Can You Do with Your Copywriting Skills: An Interview with Beth Erickson

In an interview, Beth Erickson reveals how you can use your copywriting skills to build your own business.

Avoid This Common Mistake When Creating Your Money-Back Guarantee

Bob Bly shows you how to write a better guarantee.

Graphic-Design Pro Roger C. Parker on Copywriting, Design and Being an Entrepreneur

Advice to copywriters from a professional graphic designer.