November 2004

Quick Tip: Kill Your Darlings

The phrases you fall in love with in your copy might be killing your results.

The Easiest and Fastest Way to Promote Yourself - and It's Free

There's great opportunity for copywriters. helps you find it.

Quick Tip: "Leading" Demystified

A quick, to the point explanation of the graphic design term, leading.

Strengthen Your Lead Using "AWAI's Rule of Thumb"

Will Newman reveals what a marketing director is looking for when she asks for a headline and lead.

Quick Tip: The Sesquipedalian Lesson

How complex words and long sentences can derail your copy.

Show Your Warts: An Honest Way to Make a Buck

Bob Bly shows how honestly addressing a product's limitations can turn into more sales.

Quick Tip: 3 Email Tips to Keep Your Clients Happy

Lori Appling gives you three tips to better email communication.

Success Story: Kathy Widenhouse Tells How She Landed Her First Clients

An interview with successful AWAI member, Kathy Widenhouse, reveals a step-by-step plan to launch your career.

Finding Great (and Free) Images on the Web

How to find quality low-cost and even free images.

Writing a Powerful, Persuasive Fundraising P.S.

Jerry Huntsinger gives you ten options for crafting a winning P.S. for your next fundraising package.