August 2006

Quick Tip: Use Formatting to Guide Your Reader

The formatting of a direct mail piece affects its readability … and how many people read it.

How to Keep Your Prospect in the “What’s Next” Frame of Mind

Paul Hollingshead shows you how to engage your reader and keep him engaged.

Quick Tip: Get Control of Your Fonts with a Free Font-Management Utility

Discover a free tool to manage your fonts.

Roger Parker's 3 Commandments of Effective Design

In an interview, Roger Parker reveals the three rules he uses for every design to make sure his packages are effective.

Congratulations to Cassandra Hooter!

Congratulations to Cassandra Hooter for winning the ATS Logo Design Challenge.

Quick Tip: Avoid Using “Literally” and “Virtually,”

Will Newman reveals two words that can make readers take you less seriously.

8 Secrets for Impressing Clients and Potential Clients

Sandy Franks shares her tips to help you write better copy that will impress your clients and get you more repeat assignments.

From The Golden Thread Mailbag … Hard Copy

Pat Coffey answers a member's question about the psychological and practical benefits of sending hard copy.

Quick Tip: What’s the Difference Between Plagiarism and Copyright Infringement?

Understand what you can and can't do when it comes to borrowing ideas.

Bootcamp Success Strategies

Three professional copywriters share how to get the most from bootcamp, or any networking event.

Quick Tip: Quick Typography Shortcuts to Improve Response

Discover typography shortcuts that will make your designs look more consistent.

Promoting Your Business with Website Slideshows

Kammy Thurman reveals how you can create an online slideshow to promote your design business.

From The Golden Thread Mailbag … Opting In

Pat Coffey answers a question about the need for e-letter subscribers to opt-in.

Quick Tip: A 5-Point Checklist to Evaluate A Big Idea

Finding the right “Big Idea” for you next business venture.

How I Landed a $2,500 Project Just From Reading My Local Paper … and You Can Too!

How local resources like the newspaper can connect you with potential clients.