January 2007

Quick Tip: Ensure Consistency in Your Copy

Consistency within your direct mail package is important—learn how to check it quickly.

How to "Customize" 7 Power Writing Secrets

Will Newman shows you how to hone writing secrets to fit your specific niche.

Avoid Time-Wasting – and Expensive – File Bloopers

Kristin Schwarz shows you some of the most common errors when sending files to a printer.

Quick Tip: 4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Self-Mailer

Four quick ways to add power to your self-mailer.

6 Success Lessons from the Winners of AWAI's Bootcamp 2006 Challenge

Successful AWAI copywriters and graphic designers share their insights into building a new career.

From The Golden Thread Mailbag … Is it Legal to Use the Name of Another Company?

Matt Turner answers a member's question about the legality of using another company's name.

Quick Tip: Avoid Confusion by Avoiding "Bi-" Words

A common prefix that might confuse your readers.

An $11.9 Billion Niche

Will Newman outlines a growing niche that needs skilled copywriters.

Quick Tip: Make Your Clients Happy With Smaller PDF Files

Kristin Schwarz shows you how to make your pdf files smaller.

Setting Your Business-Building Goals for 2007

Lori Haller shares the importance of goal setting for your graphic design business success.

From The Golden Thread Mailbag … “Conscious Ignorance”

Pat Coffey talks about the important learning step “conscious ignorance.”

Quick Tip: A Free Online Word Processor and Spreadsheet

Will Newman shows you where to get free word processing and spreadsheet programs.

Giving Your Prospect Choices May Damage Response

Lee Marc Stein shows how including too many choices in your copy may kill your response.

Accomplish the Unthinkable: Write Well Every Day This Year

Michael Masterson takes you step by step through the goal setting process he uses to achieve more of his important goals.