February 2007

Diving Into Catalogs with Herschell Gordon Lewis

In an interview, master copywriter Herschell Gordon Lewis gives you the ins and outs to catalog copywriting success.

Quick Tip: How to Get "Seeded" to Build Your Swipe File

Helen Buttery explains the trick to building a big swipe file that will provide you with instant ideas for writing your own copy.

Guilt Marketing – A Vintner's Secret Weapon

AWAI Board Member, John Forde tells us about “guilt marketing” and how it will take you from being a great copywriter to being a successful, great copywriter.

Quick Tip: End Printer Lingo Confusion

Discover what different and confusing printer terms mean.

What You Need to Know Right Now About Trends in DM Design, An Interview with Rob Davis

Master design, Rob Davis, delves into trends in direct marketing design.

You're Making Us Proud!

We continue to hear from AWAI members who have found success in copywriting.

Quick Tip: How to Search for "Scholarly" Research

Will Newman tells us about a new free search service that will help the credibility of your copy.

10 Steps to Online Marketing Success

Bob Bly tells us with the core secret to successful online marketing and big-picture steps you'll need to get started.

Put Your Reply Device to the Test

Questions you can ask yourself to make sure your reply device is getting the best response possible.

Industry Spotlight: The Catalog Market

Learn about trends and statistics in the catalog market.

4 Secrets for Writing Compelling Catalog Copy

Will Newman fills you in on 4 secrets of writing compelling copy for one of the most lucrative niches in direct marketing.

The Results Are in … the AWAI Member Survey Results, That Is

AWAI Member Survey results become valuable to further improve our programs and services.

Quick Tip: FREE Expert Instruction on Photoshop and InDesign

Will Newman shows you where you can find free instruction in Photoshop and InDesign.

The Hardest Question to Ask Your Client (You'll Be Glad You Did!)

Mike Klassen gives you a simple way to increase your client satisfaction.

How to Make It Easy for Prospects to Order

A poorly designed order device can ruin a sale, learn how to make it easy to order.

Why Watching Oprah Can Be Good for Your Copywriting

Learn how to write a successful promotion by watching television.