March 2007

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Quick Tip: The Fastest Way to Know Your Prospect

Rebecca McEldowney gives you a better way to research your health copy.

Secrets That Helped AWAI Member Nina Camp Achieve a Six-Figure Income

An AWAI member shares how she grew her copywriting career into a six-figure income.

Michael Masterson Talks to Arthur Johnson About Writing for the Alternative Health Market

Michael Masterson interviews Arthur Johnson about writing for the alternative health market.

Two IFD Graphic Designer Success Stories

Two graphic design success members share their success stories.

Quick Tip: Use the 3/40 Rule to Write Compelling Subject Lines

Will Newman gives advice on writing better email subject lines.

Test Yourself

Test your own ability to rate headlines using the 4 U's.

Success Story: Congratulations to AWAIer Michael Fiala

AWAIer Michael Fiala lands a freelance copywriting job with a possible retainer to come.

Adventures in Blogging

Will Bonner reveals the benefits of blogging to your copywriting career.

Special Announcement: Our 10-Year Anniversary

Katie Yeakle announces AWAI’s 10 year anniversary and our plans to create a wall of fame to showcase the success of our members.

Quick Tip: Find the Perfect Photo … Fast

Discover a great resource for quickly finding the perfect photo.

Targeted Learning Tip: The “So What?” Technique for Squeezing Core Benefits Out of Your Product’s Features

Scott Rempe shares Michael Masterson's technique for discover core benefits.

The Surprising Secret to Unbeatable Success in the Health Market, Part 2

Karen Reddel provides more tips on writing successful health promotions.

Quick Tip: How to Avoid Computer Viruses

Advice on keeping your computer virus-free.

The Surprising Secret to Unbeatable Success in the Health Market, Part 1

Successful health copywriter Karen Reddel gives you valuable insights into FDA regulations as the apply to health promotions.

Michael Masterson Answers a Member's Question About Health Promotions

Michael Masterson talks about how to provide the right evidence for claims made in health promotions.

Picking the Best Testimonials

Target Marketing's Hallie Mummert weighs in on how to select the best testimonials for your health promo.

Industry Spotlight: Health

Find out about trends and statistics in the health writing market.

Quick Tip: How to Tell When Your Copy Is Wandering

Will Newman shows you how to recognize if your copy isn't as tight as it should be.

Why Do You Procrastinate?

Denise Ford shares tips on how to beat procrastination.

Success Story: Congratulations to AWAIer Ryan Erisman

AWAIer Ryan Erisman landed a job for Gary Hennerberg through an ad in The Golden Thread.

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