July 2007

Quick Tip: Know Your Value … and Outsource Accordingly

When and what you should outsource to make the most of your time.

AWAI Interviews Wall-of-Famer Vicky Heron

In an interview Vicky Heron shares the tips and strategies that helped her become a success.

How to Remove Type from Clip Art

Kammy Thurman shows you how to remove type from clip art.

Creating a Community for Creative Professionals

Discover how being part of a community of creative professionals can help your graphic design business.

Quick Tip: Be Persistent in Getting Clients … Not a Pest

Will Newman shares strategies for keeping your name in front of a client without becoming a nuisance.

How to Avoid "Business Opportunity" Scams

Katie Yeakle shows you how to recognize and avoid a “business opportunity” scam.

A One-On-One Interview With Duke Clarke

Top copywriter and veteran of the Christian market gives you insights into this market.

Consistent Formatting Makes Professional-Looking Copy

Basic formatting rules that improve readability.

Let Subheads Lead Your Prospect to the Sale

Will Newman shows you how subheads can add power to your copy.

Designing for Visual Impact

Kammy Thurman shares quick tips that can give your designs more impact.

How to Design a Super-Simple Tear-Off Flap

Kammy Thurman shows you how to design a tear-off flap.

Quick Tip: A Simple Strategy to Keep Your Copy Lively and Interesting

A simple way to eliminate repetitive words and add energy to your promotions.

4 Tips for Increasing Your Productivity … and Profits

Will Newman explains how to become more productive, which will lead you to more success.

Top 20 Religious Mailers

Discover the names and websites of twenty top mailers in the religious sector.

A Copywriter’s Master Class

Hallie Mummert reveals the details that make a difference in the success of your next direct response package.

Industry Spotlight: Religious

Find out about trends and statistics in the religious writing market.

Quick Tip: Protecting Your Most Valuable Resource

Will Newman tells you what your most valuable asset is and how to protect it.

Success Story: Jeff McGeary Tells His Secrets

AWAI Member Jeff McGeary shares his most important success secret.