September 2007

Quick Tip: On the Web – Make Responding Easy

How to lay out your online letter to get the best response.

3 Reasons Knowing Graphic Design Secrets Can Boost Your Copywriting Success, Part 1

Will Newman shares three reasons why copywriters should get familiar with graphic design.

Quick Tip: Kerning Text to Make It Look More Natural

Will Newman shares some tips on using kerning to make your text look better.

The Lift Note: Direct Mail’s Secret Weapon to Boost Response

Kristin Schwarz reveals the importance of a well-designed lift note.

Three Quick Tips for Writing Better Copy for Information Products

Discover three ways to write more successful copy for information products.

An Interview with Self-Publishing Expert Gary Scott

Gary Scott shows how you can make millions as a self-publisher.

Quick Tip: Handling Text Boxes So They Enhance Your Promotion

Will Newman explains how to use text boxes to enhance your promotion and common mistakes to avoid.

Their Best Offer Yet! Only $11.72 a Minute to Swim With the Dolphins

Gary Hennerberg shows how to make sure your offer is compelling.

Quick Tip: Living With the Quirks of "Text Formatting"

Five rules to follow when writing in unformatted text.

Getting New Clients Is Easier Than You Think

AWAI-trained copywriter Malcolm Smith explains two easy ways to land clients even if you are new to copywriting.

Quick Tip: Better Scanning

Discover tips for getting better document scans.

Visually Proofing Your Designs

Kristin Schwarz reveals her strategies for proofing designs.

Testing Tips to Make Your Magalog Matter

Hallie Mummert shares testing tips that can help you create a better magalog.

Quick Tip: Using Voice Mail So You Look Like a Pro

Will Newman explains how to put together a quick, professional voice message.

What's Wrong With That? THIS Is What's Wrong With That

Herschell Gordon Lewis reveals steps you can use to make sure every piece of copy you write is at its best.