December 2007

Quick Tip: Get Out of the Headline Rut

Will Newman gives tips for making your headlines look fresher and more engaging.

Your “Super-Sized” Goal for 2008

Michael Masterson accomplished a remarkable, even unbelievable, goal last year. He shows you how to do the same in this coming year.

How Popular Is Working From Home?

Democratic pollster Mark Penn notes that 4.2 million Americans now work exclusively from home (a nearly 100% increase from 1990).

Quick Tip: The Best Way to Use Your Spell-Checker

Will Newman gives your strategies for making better use of your spell checker and increasing your productivity.

How to Improve the Clarity of Your Writing

Michael Masterson shares a valuable writing tool that can help you improve your writing clarity.

Three Places to Use Key Phrases

Heather Robson gives you a quick rundown of the best places to use key phrases in your copywriting.

Heather Lloyd-Martin on the Do’s and Don’ts of SEO Copywriting

Heather Lloyd-Martin, an SEO copywriting expert, weighs in on how to write successful web copy.

Andrew Palmer on Satisfying Your SEO Clients

In an interview Andrew Palmer you'll discover what's most important when writing online copy.

You’re in Good Company…

Katie Yeakle talks about people who have gone on to great success after starting as copywriters.

Quick Tip: A Dictionary You Should Not Be Without

Will Newman tells you about a new kind of dictionary that can be a valuable resource.

Scoring Copy and Singing With Champs

Gary Hennerberg shares how singing competitively has taught him to improve his copywriting by working harder.

Happy Birthday Helvetica!

The ever-popular typeface Helvetica just turned 50!

Quick Tip: Free Resources for QuarkXPress

Kristin Schwarz reveals some useful free resources for QuarkXPress.

Creative Ideas for Fundraising Freemiums

Kammy Thurman shares how learning to design and produce freemiums can help you become established in the non-profit industry.

Quick Tip: Three Tips for Writing Better Information-Product Copy

Heather Robson shares three quick tips for writing better information product copy.

How to Make Money on Your Writing While You Sleep

An interview with Gary Scott reveals the secrets to making money at self-publishing.

Three Golden Rules of SEO Copywriting

Heather Robson shares three important tips for writing online copy.

Title Tags – Putting Web Content to Work for You and the Search Engines

Industry expert Andrew Palmer shows you how to write better title tags for web pages.

Quick Tip: Turn Your Offer on Its Head for Better Results

Why you must give your order device the attention it deserves.

How to Prosper in the Copywriting Revolution

An interview with Bob Bly about the changing copywriting industry and how copywriters can succeed.