February 2008

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Quick Tip: Need to Merge Multiple Files Into One Document? Here’s the Answer …

Kristin Schwarz shows you how to merge files of different types into a single document.

A New USP for Your Success: How to Become a “Green Designer"

Kristin Schwarz shows how paying attention to trends like the green movement can boost your success as a graphic designer.

Getting Clients Tip: Contacting Companies About Their Websites

AWAI “Wall of Fame” copywriter Pam Foster offers a way to get clients for your web copywriting business.

A Concerned AWAIer Asks … “Doesn’t more copywriters mean more competition?!”

AWAI Executive Director Katie Yeakle answers a program member’s question about the demand for copywriters in the direct-response industry.

Improve Your Copywriting Skills … 7 Ways to Improve the Copy on the Next Web Page You Write

Web copy expert Nick Usborne reveals seven ways to ensure your web copy is the best it can be.

Words of Copywriting Wisdom … Using Online Pages to Support Offline Efforts …

Rebecca McEldowney explains why it's important to use online efforts to support your direct mail promotions.

Writing with the Web in Mind

Hallie Mummert gives tips for creating better online catalog copy.

An Interview with Expert Catalog Copywriter Jay White

Catalog copywriting expert, Jay White, reveals what sets catalog copy apart from regular copy.

An AWAIer Recommends … What’s Better Than Google?

Freelance copywriter Bill Zoch reveals a web researching tool that allows access to multiple search technologies simultaneously, without jumping back and forth between different websites.

Getting-Clients Tip … AWAIer Cindy Cyr Dispels the Myth That You Can’t Make Money Working for “Local” Clients

AWAIer Cindy Cyr shares the story of her success working for local clients.

Improve Your Copywriting Skills … Fake Cocaine and Other Secrets of the World’s Greatest Bullet Writers

AWAI staff writer Guillermo Rubio explains how bullets can boost response by tapping into emotional benefits, building curiosity and urgency, and teasing the reader into wanting to know more.

Words of Copywriting Wisdom … The Importance of Writing and Designing for “Scanners”

Katie Yeakle talks about the importance of understanding how people read, and writing accordingly.

Quick Tip: Where to Find Just the Right Font for Your Project

Kammy Thurman gives advice on choosing fonts.

Easy Design Strategies That Lead Your Reader to the Sale

Kammy Thurman shares design strategies that improve readability and boost sales.

Quick Tip: Digging Out the Deeper Benefits

Freelance copywriter Malcolm Smith explains the importance of identifying your product’s deeper benefits that really push your prospect’s emotional hot buttons.

How to Get Hired by One of the Country’s Top Financial Publishers

Mike Palmer, who heads up the writing team at Stansberry & Associates, Agora’s largest and most successful publishing franchise, reveals the qualities he looks for when hiring copywriters.

ATTN: Romance Writers … Here’s a Great Connection For You

A publishing connection for romance writers.

Who is Elmer Wheeler … and how can he boost your response rate?

AWAI staff writer John Wood highlights Elmer Wheeler, one of the pioneers of persuasive writing. Using Wheeler’s tested selling techniques can boost response and transform your copywriting career.

Words of Copywriting Wisdom: “The Best Ads”

David Ogilvy shares his theory about the best ads.

Three Secrets to Better Online Catalog Copy

Learn three ways to make sure your online catalog copy is successful.

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