August 2008

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AWAI Partners With Target Marketing to Create a Virtual “Idea Factory” for Copywriters

AWAI and Target Marketing have joined forces to create a resource no copywriter should be without.

Job Opportunities … Here’s Your Chance to Help Save the World With Your Writing Skills

Help save the world using your writing and editing skills. CDR Fundraising Group is looking for someone to join their staff and help make a difference in people’s lives.

The Most Important Two Hours of Your Copywriting Career This Year

AWAI Staff Writer, John Wood explains how attending AWAI's Job Fair could be the most important two hours of your copywriting career.

The Long and Short of the Long Copy vs. Short Copy Debate

Master copywriter, Lee Marc Stein weighs in on the great debate of long copy vs. short copy and how to be a valuable asset to your copywriting clients.

Why “Grabbing Attention” Is Not Enough for a Truly Powerful Headline

Will Newman explains that a powerful headline has to do more than grab your reader’s attention.

Breaking News … AWAI Announces Copy “Dream Team” Positions Available in Florida Office

Katie Yeakle announced today the formation of a Copy “Dream Team” in their Florida offices. AWAI is looking to hire several staff copywriters at this year’s Bootcamp in November.

Congratulations to Our Latest Writer’s Retreat Spec Challenge Winner

AWAI announces another spec challenge winner from the Writer’s Retreat, held in the Virginia mountains this past May.

Job Opportunities … Steady Work for Freelancer Who Can Write Email Promos That Get Results

Write emails and landing pages on a long-term freelance basis. Get the details on this plus over a dozen other copywriting and design opportunities.

AWAI Introduces Brand-New Resource for Versatile Freelancers

For the first time, Don Hauptman, a top freelance copywriter who has earned great success critiquing, consulting, training, and presenting, shows you how you can do it, too.

AWAI “Newbie” Lands Plum Copywriting Position at Division of Agora Health

Congratulations to AWAI Circle of Success member and relative “newbie” Shelby Beckett, who landed a plum copywriting position at a division of Agora Health.

The Five Most Popular-and Lucrative-Niches for Copywriters

Copywriting Coach, Chris Marlow shares the top five niches for copywriters.

Make Money Marketing to a Small Responsive List – An Interview With Gary Scott

Self publisher, Gary Scott shares the secrets to his success and how you can use them to create your own.

A Contemporary Set of Ten Commandments

Master Copywriter, Herschell Gordon Lewis explains his Ten Commandments that will increase your response rate.

The Magic of Turning $1,000 Into $40,000

AWAI Trained copywriter, Joshua Boswell explains how you can turn one client into a successful partnership.

Congratulations … AWAI Member Laurie Cauthen Is Latest Addition to “Wall of Fame”

Laurie Cauthen is the latest AWAI success story. Read her profile and others on the “Wall of Fame” and get inspired.

Job Opportunities … Put Your Spanish Language Skills to Work Writing for Mexican Audience

Explore new job opportunities for copywriters and designers, including a chance for Spanish-speaking copywriters to write for a Mexican audience.

Congratulations to Web Copy Specialists Who Scored Paying Assignments!

Last week, AWAI members spent an intense three days in Tampa, Florida, training to become web copy specialists. Congratulations to the first group of attendees who can now call AWAI a paying client!

10 Steps to Creating Online Income

AWAI Staff Writer John Wood explains how Clickbank can provide a ready-made sales force to help you market ebooks and other digital information products.

Finding a Good Idea for Your Book

Bob Bly supplies 10 sources of ideas for writing books.

Words of Wisdom … Making a Lot of Money in Publishing

Self Publishing guru, Gary Scott gives you a few pearls of wisdom to achieving publishing success.

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