October 2008

The 10% Solution – Mastering the Lead

Michael Masterson takes a look at one of the most common lead types – the ’problem/solution” lead.

How I Went From Layoff to Payoff – 3 Steps to Becoming the Copywriter You Really Want to Be

AWAI member Penny Thomas reveals how she became a successful freelance copywriter using a simple, 3-step system.

How to Write an Exciting Interview

AWAI Staff Writer, Guillermo Rubio, meets up with Michael Masterson in the neighborhood cigar bar and discovers exactly how to write a great interview.

Top 10 Mailers in the Banking Industry

Discover the names and websites of 10 top mailers in the banking industry.

10 Ways to Build a High-Quality, Opt-in Email List

AWAI Staff Writer, John Wood, offers 10 ways to build a high-quality, opt-in email list for your client (and for yourself).