December 2008

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Create Unstoppable Momentum Toward Your Dream Career

Jason Gaspero explains how with careful planning and consistent follow-through you could be starting a new “dream career.”

Move Over Genghis Khan: How to Be Ruthless With Your Copy and Beat It Into an “A-Level” Masterpiece

Gary Hennerberg has developed a process that helped him beat one of his client’s 8-year-long controls by 60%! Learn what makes Gary’s copy so successful.

How to Finally Write That Book You’ve Always Dreamt of Writing

Patricia Ogilvie has published two books and is working on her third. Check out Patricia’s advice for finally writing that book and getting it published.

Pay-Per-Click Your Way to Copywriting Profits

Russ Banister learned how to write a good, pay-per-click (PPC) ad. He shares some tips, so you, too, can learn how to write successful PPC ads.

Niche-Finding Tips From an AWAI Wall of Famer

Tonimarie Marrese found her niche writing web copy. Learn how you can find your copywriting niche, too by following her tips.

Alternative Health Saves AWAI Member’s Son and Launches Successful Copywriting Career

Alternative Health not only saved Eileen Coale’s son’s life, but also helped her find her passion. Learn how you, too, can become a successful writer for the health market.

How AWAI Member Jim Turner Made 10,000 Friends With a Few Clicks of the Mouse

Jim Turner found a way to use social media marketing efforts to get the majority of his clients. Like Jim, you too can use social media to your advantage and gain copywriting clients.

“WAX ON… WAX OFF…” What the Karate Kid Can Teach You About Mastery

Jason Gaspero explains how the movie The Karate Kid can help teach you about mastering a worthwhile highly valued skill.

4 Tips on Making the Transition to Freelance Copywriter

Peter Fogel was able to reinvent himself and become a successful freelance copywriter. Follow Peter’s success tips to jumpstart your copywriting career.

The Power of Social Networking to Fast-Track Your Success

Will Newman takes a closer look at social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace, and explains how they hold tremendous power for you as a copywriter.

Just Go for It! Copywriting Success Lessons From a Former 9-to-5er

Heather Robson was able to quit her job and work from home. Learn how you can too, by applying Heather’s simple plan.

1.8 Million Potential Clients Need You! Six Insider Tips to Writing for the Fundraising Market

Mary McNamara discovered how she could help good causes while making six figures working from home. Follow Mary’s tips for success, and you, too, can earn a great living while helping others.

Job Opportunities … Easy SEO Freelance Work for B2B Copywriter

LPH Internet Services seeks experienced B2B copywriter to incorporate keywords and keyphrases into web copy for their client’s four main web pages.

You’ve Got Nothing to Lose … and Everything to Gain

Toni Rockis pushed past her copywriting fears and landed a huge assignment with AWAI. Learn how you can use Toni’s technique to land clients now.

How to Find Perfect Podcast Clients in 3 Days

Learn you how easy it is to find clients who’ll hire you to write their podcasts for them. And you can do it in just three days.

4 Surefire Strategies for Podcasting Success

One of the hottest opportunities in writing for the web right now is the podcast – a recorded audio or video file you download from the internet to your computer.

KABOOM! Your Promo Bombed … Is It the End of the World?

Rick De Lima gives advice on how to get over writing a promo that bombed. Apply Rick’s tips that will help you become a better copywriter.

Transition From Full-Time to Freelance

Jason Gaspero shows you how you can make the transition from full-time employee to freelance entrepreneur as gracefully and effectively as possible … and how you can pick up a new client or two along the way.

Grab This Copywriting Opportunity While It’s Just Starting to Build

Will Newman takes a close look at an extremely promising sub-niche of writing for the web – podcasting.

How to Find a Copywriting Mentor

Krista Jones was able to quit her job and become a freelance copywriter by getting herself a mentor. Learn how you too can benefit from a mentor.

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