May 2011

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The Biggest Mistake I Made

Sid Smith shares how the journey to becoming a copywriter starts with an inner journey.

The First Stage of a Hero's Journey

Sid Smith shares how the path to becoming a highly paid, successful copywriter can seem impossible and gives tips to building your confidence along they way.

A Psychological Approach to Effective Selling

Joe Sugarman explains how using one of his psychological approaches to effective selling – story telling – is a vital tool every copywriter can benefit from.

5 Tips for Greater Self-Confidence

Sid Smith shares 5 tips to help you gain the confidence you need when starting out in your copywriting career.

Are You "Over the Top"? Find Out Now...

John Wood shares a lesson on what it means to be "over the top" and how it applies to living the writer's life.

A Twist on the 80-20 Rule

John Wood shares how applying a new take on the 80/20 rule can help boost your copywriting career.

Copywriting Industry Trailblazer Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero Scheduled to Speak at AWAI’s 2011 Bootcamp

AWAI is excited to add Lorrie to the agenda of AWAI’s FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair where she’ll teach attendees how to write copy that closes this influential group of the buying world.

Yay! I Get to Write My Business Plan!

Heather Robson shows you what goes into a business plan and how setting one up will provide you with a great deal of clarity about your web-writing business.

The Six "Success Forces" that Helped Turn Joe Sugarman into a Marketing Legend

John Wood shares six tips that helped make one man a marketing legend and how you can learn from him to achieve your freelance goals.

Three Words That Will Change Your Life

John Wood shares the three words that will change your life - and motivate you to achieve your freelance goals.

Back by Popular Demand: AWAI’s Copywriting Companion Series

AWAI is thrilled to announce that we are bringing back the tool that guarantees your copywriting success with far less effort and in one-quarter of the time.

Special Announcement: Direct-Response Legend Joe Sugarman to Speak at Bootcamp 2011

AWAI is excited to announce that direct-response legend, Joe Sugarman will be speaking at AWAI’s 2011 Fastrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair.

Are You a Worrier?

John Wood discusses the anti-goal setting issue: worrying, and how to overcome it and move forward with achieving your goals.

Achieve More, Reduce Stress, and Live Happier When You Eliminate Negative Emotions From Your Life Forever

John Wood shares how simply eliminating negative emotions from your life can make all the difference in your life – and your copywriting career.

How Do You Know When You're a Success?

John Wood shares how loving the work you do can affect your happiness and discusses the six requirements of success and how they can help you reach your goals.

Help, My Website Has Been Hacked! Eight Precautions You Should Take Right Now

Rebecca Matter discusses how to avoid the dreaded website hack and what to do if it does happen.

Best Practices for Reaching the Writer's Life

Rebecca Matter shares how to stay on the path to living the writer's life by using best practices in everything you do.

How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites: Successful Website Owners Revealed

AWAI is excited to announce the third edition of its popular money-making website success catalog, featuring websites and the people behind them.

Which Niche?

Rebecca Matter shares how choosing a niche can make you a more successful copywriter and gives her best practices tips for choosing yours.

Why You Should Choose a Niche for Your Freelance Business, and How to Do It

Nick Usborne shares his tips for choosing a niche for your freelance business and discusses why deciding on a niche is good idea.

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