February 2013

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Freelance Writers Are Escaping the Cubicle and Working Across the Country and Around the World Thanks to Their Portable Careers

Learn about the exciting possiblities available to you as a freelance writer.

Copywriter for Income Investing E-letter

Wyatt Investment Research is seeking an experienced copywriter to write a new daily income investing e-letter.

More Than a One-Trick Pony...

Growing and evolving your freelance copywriting business can mean life or death for your career. Clayton Makepeace tells Guillermo Rubio how adapting to the times has helped his career prosper.

What Separates GREAT Copywriters From the Rest

Clayton Makepeace explains the importance of learning the business side of your niche to Guillermo Rubio.

The Anatomy of a Winning Facebook Post

Jen Phillips April gives you some great tips for creating winning facebook posts.

Far Too Many Copywriters Fail to Do This

Guillermo Rubio gives you copywriting tips from Clayton Makepeace that will make your copy shine.

The Secret to a Seven-figure Copywriting Career

Clayton Makepeace shares with Guillermo Rubio the first step in building a solid freelance copywriting career.

Cutting Through Your Prospect's Daily Noise

Will Newman illustrates how to create a marketing message that will be hard to ignore.

This Stay-at-Home Dad Finds Six-Figure Success

Learn how AWAI member and stay at home dad, David Sharpe turned a small assignment into an $8,000 plus project.

This Gig is Easy

Mindy McHorse breaks down some of the invisible walls copywriters put up to keep them from their freelancing careers.

Three Blogging Myths Debunked

Paula Plant lets you in on how to make a full-time living from writing blogs.

Meet Our Freelance Writers Appreciation Week Prize Winner

AWAI proudly announces the winner of it's Freelance Writers Appreciation Week Prize.

"Too Good to be True"

Freelance copywriting is a wonderful career full of great benefits. But as Mindy McHorse points out, it isn't an "quick fix".

Taking that Extra Step Pays Off for this New Freelancer

Linda Odubayo Thompson uses her past experiences to create a great freelance copywriting business.

What Are You Doing Here?

Don Mahoney is learning the newest trends in online marketing, and lets you know why you should be too.

Can Writing Make You a Better Person?

Mindy McHorse describes some of the more personal things freelancing can improve in a copywriter's life.

How to Earn a Full-Time Living as a Travel Blogger

Paula Pant tells the amazing story of Derek Earl Baron and his travel blogging lifestyle.

A Simple Solution for Really Focusing

Christina Gillick has a great trick to keep you focused and productive.

No Such Thing as a Solo-Preneur

Mindy McHorse reminds us freelancers of the power of support.

Permission to Move Forward

Mindy McHorse explains why it's never to early to start your freelance copywriting career.

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