October 2013

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Live: The Barefoot Writer October Issue

Make this month the month you really go big, and let The Barefoot Writer help you get there. Our October issue brings you a wealth of useful, career-launching information.

The Secret to B2B: Be Good at What You Do

Once you decide to make the transition to the B2B industry, make sure to hone your craft, daily. Be the best B2B writer. People will notice, and it will definitely pay off…

Should Copywriters Worry About The Government Shutdown?

Jen Adams gives you four reasons to put aside your fears about a government shutdown – or any other economic crisis – ending your copy career.

Get Started in the B2B Niche Faster, with this Tip!

Getting started as a freelance writer in any niche can be a challenge and take a lot of time initially, but if you do this, your chances of succeeding are likely to double!

What Google’s Hummingbird Update Means For AWAI Copywriters

Learn more about Google’s Hummingbird search algorithm update, and what it means for you as both a copywriter and a consumer!

Finding B2B Clients

Finding copywriting clients in the b2b niche is pretty easy to do. The demand is huge and you only need a couple of good clients for a full-time workload.

How to Develop Web-Writing Habits That Stick

We all know with fewer bad habits and more good habits we’ll succeed faster. Heather Robson helps you make the good one's stick.

Breaking News… Only 2 Spots Remain for Bootcamp 2013!

As of right now only 2 spots remain for the 2013 FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair in October. So if you're planning to come this year – be sure to sign up now!

How to Land a Variety of B2B Projects

The opportunities in b2b copywriting are extensive! Projects include: emails, blogs, case studies, video scripts, web pages and so much more!

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