December 2015

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Trust the Process

The key to achieving your goals is focusing on the process instead of the end result. Do you trust the process?

In the Company of Good Friends

Friends, especially those following and living the writer’s life, can help push you forward in your writing career. They share your dreams and aspirations and that sharing is the key to success.

Answer These 5 Questions Before You Start the New Year

If you have big plans for 2016, you’ll want to read this first. Ask yourself these five questions before you make any resolutions or set any goals.

Why it Matters to Have View of Your Future Writer’s Life

Not all writers have tidy desks, but in the end it doesn’t matter because every person living the writer’s life is different and that’s the way it should be.

Sharing Your Writer’s Life with Your Family

One of the best ways to make your dreams of being a writer come true is sharing your goals with someone close in your life. They can help make you accountable for making those dreams come true.

How Writing Allows You to Showcase Your Unique Self

Writing opens the door to many exciting opportunities but it also allows you to be your authentic self.

Why NOT to Make a New Year’s Resolution

Instead of making a New Year's resolution that you may not keep, Will Newman suggests making a specific - and more manageable - plan instead. Here's how you can get started now.

Makepeace Mastermind Member Hired by Clayton

Great news! Makepeace Mastermind Alliance Member, Chris Allsop accepts copywriting position at Weiss Research after just 3 months of being a member.

Erase Your Copywriter “Blank Page Panic” for Good!

Enjoy your next new project and eliminate the worry of how to start, with John Forde's new program Writing Great Leads

The Most Unique Gift in the World is…

Furby/TickleMe Elmo/Robotic Dog – the gift that even as life automates, we're completely irreplaceable and special in the world. Yay for us!

Habits to Create Steady Income Year-Round

Get off the income roller coaster many freelancers experience. Use these three habits to create a steady income all year long.

Why You Should Never Give Up On Your Most Precious Ideas

Action figures (the original Star Wars set) - the gift of directed action – whatever we can imagine, we can make happen, first in our minds and then in our lives.

AWAI’s New Director of Copywriting Training

Long-time member Pam Foster has just been hired to work full-time as AWAI’s Director of Copywriting Training. After a successful career as a freelance copywriter and 30+ years of experience in marketing communications, we’re happy to have her join the AWAI team full-time.

10 Ways to Declutter Your Life for the New Year

Desks. Shelves. Computers. Inboxes. Social media feeds. They all get cluttered. Use these tips to declutter and get the year off to a fresh start.

You Can Always Change Your Situation. Here’s How …

Etch-A-Sketch - the gift of a blank creative slate – we can build one writer's life, shake it up, start over, do it again, as often as we like.

For You, “All Signs Point to Yes”

Magic 8 Ball – the gift to "know" our future by shaping it ourselves, working where we want, for who we want, on projects that bring us to life.

The Toy “For Every Boy. For Every Girl.”

The Radio Flyer wagon gave children around the world the freedom to explore their surroundings. Living the writer’s life, there’s nothing stopping you from making your dreams of a free-roaming life come true.

An Invitation For Us To Meet

The end of the year is a world-wide season for gift giving, and here's a gift you could give yourself that will keep paying off for years to come.

AWAI Member Uses Past Work Experience to Excel in Her Niche

When health problems caused her to step down from her sales job, this AWAI member used her knowledge and experience to thrive in the spa and wellness niche.

Living Proof: How Roy Furr’s Sliver of Confidence Led to a Six Figure Income

The mistake many aspiring writers make is putting their passion for writing on the back burner. However, if you go after it, you’ll be surprised at the results.

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