December 2015

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The Art of Providing a Compassionate Copywriting Critique

When a peer asks you for a copywriting critique, how do you provide honest feedback without being harsh or insensitive? Try these tips.

Living Proof: How Heather Robson Found Balance Through Copywriting

Children grow up fast. As parents you want quality time with your children, but that’s hard to do working a 9-to-5 job. Copywriting is the perfect solution.

12 Days to Better Writing

Better writing takes practice. It requires some work on your part, but with these 12 exercises you’ll have fun while improving your skills.

Living Proof: How Cindy Cyr’s Anger Fueled Her Escape from an Oppressing Job

You can break free from being a slave to your 9-to-5 job by living the writers life. Copywriting could be the niche that gives you freedom to do what you want.

Living Proof: Mindy McHorse Finally Finds Fulfillment With Copywriting

Bored at work, desperate for a new job. Don’t hop from one job to another start living the writer’s life now. It’s easy with AWAI Circle of Success resources.

Living Proof: Joshua Boswell Gains Control Through Copywriting

Copywriting allowed Joshua Boswell to live the life of his dreams, make the money he once only ever imagined, and do it all from home.

Why You Should Stop Using To-Do Lists

Find out how Will Newman discovers that the Covey Four Quadrant Grid system beats traditional to-do lists when it comes to time management.

AWAI Member Lands Her First Project Just Two Weeks After Bootcamp

AWAI member uses her experience at Bootcamp to help her get her first client and the job she's always dreamed of.

Do You Have to be Some Kind of Expert to Create a Money-Making Website? (No, You Don’t.)

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be an expert to create your own money making website, as long as you write on subjects you love and are willing to do research.

How to Use Challenges to Your Advantage

Are you facing challenges in your freelance business? Don’t be discouraged — they may be opportunities in disguise.

My Top Success Tips for Creating Your Own No-Client, Money-Making Website

Three tips for creating your own highly successful no-client money-making website.

An Inside Look at a Working Copywriter’s Journey

Get an inside look at working copywriter Rae Robinson’s journey from earning $12k a year to $120K … and how you can follow in her footsteps.

AWAI Highlights More than 65 Successful Website Owners in the Latest Edition of the Money-Making Websites Success Catalog

AWAI's Success Stories Revealed: Real-Life Website Owners Making Passive “While You Sleep” Income has recently been updated. Go here to check out the newest edition

How to Choose a Topic for Your Own Money-Making Website

The best way to pick a topic to create a website around is to find a subject that excites and inspires you. When you do that, you’ll have found the subject to write about for your money-making website.

Learning From My Copywriting Hero

Knowing copywriting history adds depth to your understanding of the industry, and here Will Newman shares a story of his copywriting hero who played a big role in shaping the industry.

How to Make Good Money Writing – Without Any Clients

Believe it or not, one of the best ways to making money as a writer is not writing for clients but instead doing it for YOURSELF. All it requires is an easy-to-put-together website.

Live: The Barefoot Writer December Issue

The December Barefoot Writer issue is live! Mindy McHorse reveals what is featured in this month’s issue.

AWAI Member Creates Ultimate Resource for At-Home Working Moms

Stay-at-home mom and AWAI member creates a website to generate income and allow her to work less and spend more time with her daughter.

AWAI Member Triples Income Thanks to Her Money-Making Website

A full-time job offer and extra income to fund her international travel are just a couple of the perks this AWAI member experienced from launching a Money-Making Website. Read her story here.

10 Easy Ways to Build Your Business

Building a successful writing business is easy if you make an effort to do one thing to grow it everyday.

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